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Is what am doing right

Good evening all

It's like one and half years since i found out i have diabetes type 2.

Should i say my sugar are under control? Am not taking medication at the moment, just exercise and watching what i eat and avoiding stress. But RBS is always btn 7 and 10. It tends to rise when i get some other illnesses like malaria. Then i get back to metformin and glibencla for sometime.

Am i doing a good thing? Because was told that diabetes drugs affect the kidney, liver and some other organs. Advise me please

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HbA1C should be under 7.9%, ideally below 5.5%. Though metformin is the drug with least side effects, I have avoided it and managed to bring down my average blood glucose from > 285 to 126. Todate I have not taken any glucose management medicine. I have twice put up my diet and exercise regime here on Health Unlocked and shall be happy to email it to you: efar52@gmail.com


Hi norreal

Could u put your deit regime up for me to look at I know that u need to exercise as well but I suffer with other things, I have tried some deits but not worked for me I am on a few meds and when I check my bloods it's btn 14.5 & 28.9 only once have I got below 10 any help would be good.


Yogbie: I am unclear about values you mentioned. However, I will inbox you my diet plan...I have the diet plan on other laptop. Hope to put it up before day end.


Thank u norreal


Thanx norreal, will be waiting.


I have it on the other laptop. Hope to send it to you before day end.


Where in the world do you live? We do things differently. One of the things talked about is long term sugar. Thus is more important than short term sugar. It's reasonable control if the numbers aren't rising.

Yes, some medicine does do things to liver and kidneys but that CAN be treated. If the doctor advises, then you DO need to take medication for diabetes.

Good luck.



Appreciate if any body can email me the DIET CHART FOR TYPE2 DIABETIES PATIENT with a reading FBS 215 & PP 309 , at rajiv@jainbrosinvestindia.com




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