Someone say something nice

I'm having a rubbish day and i want to put it to a stop, in order to do this i have a request that someone says something nice please!

Anything at all, relating to anything or nothing, your choice.

Hopefully people can have a read through them and we'll all feel a bit better today.

I promise to add something later when (if, fingers crossed) im feeling a bit better.

Take care everyone xx

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  • Sunshine & Icecream!

  • Bit melty :)

  • Hugs and kisses xxxx

  • aww, simple yet effective x

  • Children should be back at school - warmer weather coming (fingers crossed) xx

  • Fingers so crossed! x

  • That's bizarre! I was thinking about you just last night as I noticed you hadn't posted for a while .... X

  • Aw, thanks Sue. I replied on my thought for the day blog post but not sure youve seen it. actionondepression.healthun... I do often talk to myself so don't worry ;) How are you? x

  • Sorry I missed the time to say something, it's a bit late now, but I just hope you can see lots of daffodils and other spring flowers coming out and that it cheers you up.


  • the sun shone today and it was warmer. :)

    nice idea sassays :)


  • Thanks Sandra, if only that fleeting sunshine rolled on to today ey! Brr x

  • :) Thanks for joining in x

    (How did you manage to post the link without the video preview on screen? I couldnt figure it out)

  • I clicked "share" then copied and pasted the link.

  • HI Saysays, trying to think of something nice, my little furry cat who wants a tickle.

    Making tea and toast and marmarade.

    Looking forward to summer and icecream.

    Swimming in the sea.

    hugs to you


  • Walking on the beach today.

  • How lovely! Albeit chilly no doubt!

  • Thanks everyone, definitely no cut off time Sue :)

    Hope everyone is having a better day today x

  • Hi sasays. I live in New Zealand so a little warmer here than where you are. I am originally from London which is why I am on this site. I don't think we have such a great, supportive site over here. You have a good day. xx

  • Oh how about that! Im thinking (just thinking at the moment) of travelling to NZ. Just posted a few questions on the Anxiety Support NZ community anxietysupportnz.healthunlo... perhaps you'd be able to help!? How long have you been over there? How did you find settling in? Thanks xx

  • I have been here for 37 years now. I was born in London, met and married a Kiwi who brought me back to NZ. settling in was very difficult at first as all of my family were back in the UK. I was very fortunate to be able to travel back to visit and all of my family have visited us here. But I still miss my family back in the UK.

  • Today I saw my first comma (butterfly of the year)

    Yesterday I saw my first bats of the year as well as my first female brimstone (butterflies again), loads of pairs of peacocks (butterflies) and a small tortoiseshell.

    Thursday I saw two long-tailed tits - so hoping that there will be lots of youngsters in a few months - they are such funny creatures.

    Its a MotoGP weekend ... and although I'm missing out on watching the actual races I managed to find out that the main event was on BBC3 this evening and everything is being recorded so I can catch up on it later

    Yesterday it was warm enough to sit out on the patio for the first time this calendar year

    Managed to sort out a screw up on times and dates for a meeting with my financial adviser that I was timed for Monday but realised last thing on Friday I had a meeting at work that meant I would be able to work it - one less thing to stress about.

    My favourite joke is 'what's white and climbs trees' ...

  • and the answer is: A refridgerator - though I may have slightly overstated it's tree climbing abilities

  • Mysmugcat *waves paw*

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