My first one to one CBT

Today I have my first one to one CBT session.

It's so important right now I get some help to put me on the road to going back to the work place.

On a good day I feel I can do it, on a bad day I'm scared I will never work again and wonder how I'm going to survive.

It is still hard for me to come to terms with this debilitating illness, and even acknowledge I have an illness,,,,,,,,,,,but I have,,,it's not normal to want to stay in your bedroom 24/7 ..time goes fast, not slow as you would imagine staying in one room. It is very comfortable here and I have a nice view when I choose to look out.

I wonder how on earth I got to this point. I was always strong, a manager, a mentor, great skills,respected, diplomatic, able to diffuse problematic situations, a single mum who brought up two beautiful daughters, a great shoulder to cry on, the one who made people laugh and smile,the life and soul of the party, the event organiser, always reasoning, ever thoughtful and caring.someone people want around them.....some still do want me around them but I don't seem to cope with that very well now and can let people down so avoid

I hope CBT can help because I can't help thinking what a waste. My problem is I like to please people but I must say how awful I feel today in the session, and not try and brush it off so that I don't feel I am being a nuisance.

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  • Hi

    I do hope it all goes well for you and that you can manage better as a result. Keep us posted.


  • Thanks sue, so do I ..

    Off shortly, I always find there's so much to say but you forget when your there......

    Hope your day is a good one ! X x

  • How did it go? X

  • It's really nice of you to ask , thank you...

    It unlocked a lot of memories for me...I feel tired, I think it is good..but I was quite emotional, which normally I am not....time will tell, I'm back next week for another appointment,,, x x x x x

  • Your not a nusance, I was an over achiever too, but like you,, a lot of my life, I could have done a lot with has been trying drugs and then trying different ones, or just left to cope alone. No wonder we have lost confidence,,, your room, home is safety...where you feel you can be yourself without anyone asking questions. shut the world away.

    cbt, may put a plaster on things,, but you will have to find out why it all happened in the first place.

    Get to know this,, and you get to know a new you. Maybe taking on more than what your body mind could cope with. The warning signals were there but we choice was to ignor them.

    Stress. your body said enough is enough, if your not listening to me, Im going to stop you, so I can have a holiday. So you got ill. It stopped you!!

    So now, you could go for counselling to find out more about you, learn more about you and your type 1a personality, and get to know a new you. So what if you cant cope like you used to,,,now you have to be kinder to yourself. treat yourself better, and listen to the stiff neck, tention in the shoulders. sleep when your tired. So it doesnt happen again.

    I hope that helps a little as to what happened. now you have to take better care of yourself. take care x

  • :). Thank you, yes it's beginning to happen.....I'm finding my way hopefully x x

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