Is this depression

Hi everyone

I haven't spoken to anyone about this, I feel weird. Every day is a struggle for me, I feel suicidal, when i commute to work by train, feel like jumping in front of the train or getting into a car accident

I don't want to live anymore, hate my life.

I feel ashamed to tell anyone as I feel they won't understand and that nothing can be done

Maybe I just need to man up


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4 Replies

  • Maybe you need to talk to someone properly about everything. I happen to feel the same as you .. I have noone to talk to and the dark has gripped me pulling me further and further down. Go see your doctor, that would be the first thing to do. Biut saying that I have done that and he just tells me to get on with it and one day I will wake up better.

  • We are always around, you could if needed pm someone to chat


  • Telephone 111 NHS Helpline if you are feeling so negative regards your life, they can help.

    Samaritans will listen to your concerns

    Next week make an appointment with your GP

    There is no need to feel so negative regard yourself. Why ashamed


  • Hi I am glad you found us and it was very brave of you to post. If you are suffering from depression 'manning up' doesn't help. What you need to do is visit your doctor and get some help. Often depression goes away on it's own but sometimes you need help.

    There is nothing to be ashamed of as these feelings are very common and a doctor has heard it all thousands of times before.

    If you are not sure, why not google online depression tests (there are loads) and these might give you a guide. x

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