Is this depression?

Generally I go about feeling fine, nothing too extreme on the 'happy' or 'sad' scale, but quite a few times a week I'll get a sinking feeling and I will go 'numb'. The only way I can actually explain it would be feeling empty and nothing can affect me. It can last all night, and sometimes I wake up and the feeling is still there- if had this for around four years. What is this feeling?

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  • Talk to your GP or Doctor, they may help you work out what is wrong. Are you bored ?

    Good Luck


  • Fight it. When you feel that way, ask yourself why you feel that way and try your best to shake it off. Maybe you can prevent depression by doing even that.

  • Hi nice to meet you. Unfortunately there are no medical professionals on here so we can't give you medical advice. Bob is right - you need to see your doctor.

    I will say though that I have (and still do sometimes) experienced something like this. In my case It was because I was in denial that my depression had got worse. Sometimes it's possible to be very detached from your feelings and not be aware that anything is wrong, and it can be a warning sign that things aren't right.

    Not saying it's the same with you but I do think you should get it checked out just in case. Also look up depersonalisation.

  • Hello.

    Four years is a long time to be feeling sad and numb or like you say swinging between happy and sad.

    Your GP is the best person to see. They are well informed these days and deal with mental health issues regularly.

    Your symptoms could be other things too, GPs like to cover all bases and sometimes do blood tests too, to rule out other causes of certain symptoms.

    Your GP will help, 4 years is too long to be struggling with your feelings.

    Best wishes 💗

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