It's been pretty serious around these parts. I thought a little levity might be just the thing. If it suits you write one thing on your bucket list. One thing. ad tell us why. Keep it light pardner and we'll have us some fun.

I sound like an American don't I ?

It has been my ambition since I read my first Agatha Christie book in 7th grade to visit the UK


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11 Replies

  • My bucket list involves riding a moped around Dubrovnik, looking cosmopolitan and not falling off.


    P.s if you want tips/info about the UK then I am happy to share.

  • I love the not falling off part. That would be my worry. I hope you make it some day.

  • Thank you. I've been once, but couldn't bring myself to hire the moped. Really wish I had. It's just one of many on my bucket list, but I've already ticked quite a few off.


  • Maybe you can add some others. They say it's the things we don't do that we regret. If I had known in my 20s what I know in my 60s, I would have been dangerous.LOL

  • Just left my 20s, am all ears for advice xxx

  • One thing that comes to mind is being more independent in relationships. Realizing I'm more capable than I thought I was. And I would have had a lot more fun. All legal of course.


  • Me and a friend hired scooters once on holiday. I didn't fall off but she did! x

  • I would probably have laughed, wrong I know but I always have that initial reaction. So what's on your list?

  • I laughed like a loon once I found out she was ok Pam, the funny thing is it was all her idea and she had had some experience on them.

    I don't really have anything on a bucket list as I don't have any hope or illusions left, but I guess if I had to pick something it would be to get an 'O' level in maths coz I am hopeless at it.

    Thanks for asking and good post. Bev x

  • This is a great idea, Im gonna have a good think and write a bucket list too xxx

  • Looking forward to it.


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