Heart break, heart ache

How do you handle it? I'm 35 and I have less and less any idea of how to handle it the older I get.

What do you guys feel about "Time heals all wounds"? I feel it isn't true. Time helps things lose their initial sharp pain, and there are certainly times I think I've really let it go, but I feel like heartbreak stays buried deep inside me like a numb scar and sometimes it re-opens and I feel the pain again. I've been trying to open my heart again lately because I want to love both myself and other people, and I feel such SADNESS and am tearing up a lot lately.

Even though I really want some one to love who will love me back and hold me, I associate romantic love with such pain and heartache at this point, I don't know how to let go of all that. I want to be optimistic about love, but my heart has been through the ringer so, so many times that it almost feels like it would be stupid of me to expect anything else. I want to let go of this mindset. Really let go of it. I want to think another option is possible for me. It's difficult.

Not to say I don't have good times where I laugh and have fun. My heart just feels very, very sad and hungry lately.

How have you guys handled heart break? Do you ever feel like you're "over" it?


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4 Replies

  • Hi... I totally agree that time doesn't heal all wounds, I've been single now for 2 years and I still feel the pain like it happened to me yesterday. I do believe thou.. That when the time is right, that person will be there, waiting all there life, just for you... Try and give everyone a fair chance.. Don't feel like when you meet someone that there gunna do what other people have done, but keep your eyes open because it's so easy to get wrapped up in love you lose sight of what's happening? If that makes sence... I've been waiting 2 years now and still haven't found 'the one' maybe there lost somewhere looking for me :( sorry I'm not the greatest person to reply but just thought I'd pop in :)

  • I agree with you that time helps things lose their initial sharp pain .. We do have to learn to love ourselves before we can embrace love from others. I have been single a number of years through choice .. I am waiting for someone who loves me unconditionally and I believe they will enter my life when I am truly ready and not before. I am undergoing rigorous self healing on a daily basis .. I am getting there .. Rejoice, rejoice :) I have had enough of being stuck in the smelly hole in the ground .. All that is, is keeping me from growing bigger, stronger and wiser

  • Ilovemusic...you have feelings like every other person....and don't be surprised how many others are hurting too. Maybe we go thru this stuff to see just how important and vital to us this thing called love is? When we find it look after it.

    I hope you find what you are looking for


  • I wanted to reply as I feel ur pain..I've been cheated on, left for someone else, lied to and called every awful name imaginable. I wondered where I was going wrong and if I really was such a bad person. I even hated myself. I spent a year by myself learning to be happy alone and I got there with three help of some fab mates. I met someone else who is the total opposite of the guys I went for in past and now I've come home to my parents house as I'm suffering with depression and struggling to cope. At the moment I don't know if we will get back together but I know I'm a stronger person now because of my past xx