Need some support again!

Hi , well glad January's over , started with a positive attitude, going to do some volunteering , excersise , as m.e is not as bad as last two years ..then wham! ....

Disabled son gets his arm broken after an incident at his care home ( trapped in a door by carers trying to keep him out !)

I had to stay with him to care for him as care provider being investigated , tolerated his abuse , anxiety and anger , stressful times in deed seeing social workers , commissioners new providers ...then bam ! After four year my partner suddenly stops speaking to me and say I have to let himGo ...moved my son single handed to new provider , then got back to my partners where I,ve lived for four years to be dumped by text and asked to leave as he is moving on with his life ...won't talk to me at all ...such anterrible shock to my already broken down system ...luckily I didn't sell my house as son lives there had to move out got hit in rear o e day damage then this weekend got ransacked ...CDs and chargers and a little bit of money stolen ,,,,where do I begin to pick myself up from all this Please ?

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  • Hi Janey sorry your going through such a rough time, you have a lot on your

    Plate, but I suppose you have to try and focus on the one positive thing , which is

    That you have your own house to go back to. What sort of person would treat you

    So badly and break up by text? It's awful and you might not agree but maybe your

    Better off on your own than with such a cad.

    Take things day by day and just focus on looking after yourself . I'm not sure what else

    To say except that I hate to think how you must feel, it's good that you reached

    Out and I hope things improve for you very soon.


  • Thanks Hannah ..yup feel pretty lonely tbh ...son home Saturday though so be good to see him ,even though it is always tough going ...just don't wanna crack up but don't feel that strong today l

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