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I could do with some help/advice here! I think I could possibly have depression and I defiantly think I suffer from anxiety! I constantly have 'bad moods' which causes me to take things out on others or sometimes myself! I often feel very low, especially when I'm on my own, but not always. My confidence has dropped a lot over the years and I think very little of myself. I haven't felt myself in over 2 years now, I just want someone to tell me what to do? Like, maybe this isn't a big deal? Maybe I'm just being stupid...

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  • Hi J, if this is worrying you and causing you stress, then it's a big deal to you. Why not talk it over with your GP. If your moods just low you don't need to try medication or therapy, but talking to a professional will help you decide.

    If you are unhappy with little things about yourself, just work on changing them, as humans we are all constantly evolving in our personalities and striving for what we want in life.

    Look into cognitive behaviour therapy, this can help change how you react to things if that's bothering you.

    If you are generally unhappy with where life's taking you, there is plenty out there on life coaching, or see a coach to talk it over with. Whether or not depressed these are always issues we all have to address and there not always easy.

    At least when you feel you are working towards changing something it can put a lot of other things in perspective. But go talk it over with your health provider rather than carrying on doing the same old things and feeling down. Talking rather than bottling things up is better, this is a nice place to come full of lovely caring people that collectively understand a lot. Take care and find what helps you xx

  • I can only add the same advice. Why don't you see your GP ? Be totally frank with your GP and tell them your main worries. I don't think you are being stupid if your self esteem and confidence has dropped it would be a worry to anyone.It is n't very smart ,however,not to have discussed it with your GP.

    You don't sound as if you are very depressed if you've had this for two years and have n't felt the need to discuss it with your doctor . Either that or you are an incredibly strong person but I do feel you should discuss the anxiety with your GP and discuss the possibility you might have depression.


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