I've been suffering with depression for most of my life now, i got diagnosed with bipolar 7 years ago, i've currently been in a relationship for a year now, but my partner just believes depression is an excuse and something you can 'just get over' i don't believe that at all, his opinion really upsets me. I try my hardest to be happy but sometimes my depression gets the better of me and my partner doesn't support me, just says i'm being attention seeking and that it's no excuse to be sad. I just wish h was more understanding/supporting. Am i in the wrong? :/

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  • Hi there and sorry your suffering so much. Your partner sounds very cold

    And unsympathetic, why are you putting up with this. Ignorant and ill informed

    Attitude? He needs to educate himself about BiPolar or else you may need to

    Take back your own power and find a more informed kind partner. Life is

    Far too short to be putting up with this

    Depression is a hard thing and you really need a supportive partner or else you

    Would be much better of on your own, so NO your not wrong but he is.

    Hannah x

  • Hi this is awful, this man needs some education about mental health disorders. Have you tried giving him info to read? if he won't listen or care then I think you are better off without him too.

    How awful to have to pretend to be happy when you can't and what a strain on you. I don't know how you can put up with it. It is definitely not you but him.

    Bev x

  • hi im a man with depression tell him to email me and ill put him right for you.

  • i get angry when hear of partners who dont take the time to try and understand fully you condition ! if he still continues to be indifferent to you , you have to decide wither you would be better off on your own !please continue to get better god bless you david x

  • Hello

    You have a health problem that is treatable, if He can not understand that and He looks upon your problem as attention seeking or self centered than He is no good for you. When you choose someone to spend your life with and they do not show any consideration or understanding of your condition there is no way they are the right person for you. If you were to settle with him I cannot imagine any change there if you have any other condition. If you are having talking therapy take Him along if need be or find someone with same interests and considerations that are so missing here


  • Hi your partner really needs to think about what he says depression is realy and not something that you can turn off like a switch. I wish that it was then none of us on this site would need to be here just stop feeling like we and you do.

  • Hey

    It's hard for anyone to understand what is going on in your head.

    I'm not standing up for him, but he does not understand. He should have read up on it, and then talked to you. Try buying a book for him or send him links about your illness. After reading about your illness he should understand and be on your side. If he is not then, I'm sorry he needs to be placed in the bin.

    I feel for you, but you need someone to understand you, it's to hard to do it by yourself.

    Good luck

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