My life is not worth living !

Having lost my beloved Husband last Autumn I now feel that I have nothing left to live for. If it wasn't for my dogs I would not get out of bed in the mornings ! I am in poor health myself and this too adds to my feeling of hopelessness. I have no family and all friends have spouses / partners with whom to share their lives. I would not be concerned if I didn't wake up in the morning.


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  • Oh poor you, really. I cant say anything to make it all better, but Id miss you, Id rather have you in my world than not.

    Can you tough it out for me and all the other lost souls who only benefit from seeing kindness to animals and knowing some relationships work.

    Who knows what you could do, whose life you might save in the future. Fact is none of us know the bigger pitcure but there may be one and you maybe a huge cog! A turning point in someones life.

    So for now can we say you will feel bad and you don't deserve this but he is always with you and would want you to live your life and be happy. Do it for him, do it for me, do it for us all... stay on.

    Give yourself time, get better, be kind to yourself, move slowly and know you are loved.

    I am so very sorry Arma sending a BIG KISS and a HUG xxx

  • Keep holding on, life is a gift. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. These dark times will pass xx

  • Six months after his late wife died my now husband decided he would look for someone to share the remainder of his life with - after all, if he had loved and been loved once then the likelihood was he would find love again - and he did! People who have never known love may have nothing to live though even they find other meanings to their lives, but having known love once you have so much to live for, the memories, and the richness of your capacity to love which you can take into someone else's life - there are many people who need love so why not offer yours? I advertised in the Soulmates column of a national newspaper and we have been happily married for 16 years. Loss is painful, but better to have loved and lost... I don't mean to be glib or make little of your pain, only to point out that you know how to love so find someone to love and you will find happiness once more.


  • Life is certainly not easy. We've all heard that before but how many people really know that? You are going through what is understandably a hard hard time. But just remember to keep battling on and just thinking about the current day. make little goals or challenges for each day. even if its just getting up and taking the dogs for a walk. its something. Your husband wouldn't want you to suffer. Do your best to do things that make you happy with your dogs.

    I just had to say goodbye to my fiancé (as we parted our ways from complications and his job) and it kills me inside. But you got to have a go at being happy with your husband. Always cherish that. As some people aren't as lucky xx

  • Arma this must be awful for you. I have been there. If you hang on there and make it through the thick of it you will look back and feel amazed that you made it through. Probably doesn't help much at this moment in time but i would urge you to prove to yourself how drastically your life and your feelings can change. Take it one step at a time, try to get out and do one thing a day that takes you out of how you are feeling just for a moment - go people-watching in the sunshine, take a bus somewhere just for the hell of it. Just an idea xx

  • Hi.

    I understand how such a loss can lead to overwhelming hopelessness. I was already suffering depression when my Father died. My Mum coped better than i did.

    I also have feelings of loneliness and isolation from friends and family.

    What helps me is to remember that I am still a part of my fiends lives. I may not get in touch as much as I used to but i am still welcomed and enjoy real friendship when I summon the effort to meet.

    For family and friends who have passed, I remember the great times we had together, and the tough times. It is ok and appropriate to miss them, it shows how much we cared for each other.

    I can also remember the struggle to find friendship and love in a long term relationship. I knew if i felt bad about myself it was unlikely that someone would find something to love in me either.

    You say you would not be concerned if you did not wake up one morning. Your friends would be. We forget how important we are in the lives of others, for our past times together and the future potential of valued relationships.

    I found more friendships and my now wife by choosing to continue doing some of the things I liked on my own initially. Not pubs, clubs or online dating; walking the dog, accepting invites to visit friends, picking up the phone to catch up and taking a risk to go to a local meeting of people with a common interest. It all helped.

    You have made some connections here and are welcomed into this community. Please stay connected in your own community of friends.

    Take care

    Dave. x

  • hi arma sorry to hear how unwell your are feeling i cant be east losing your soul mate no matter what you try but.please get help you may need ! i hope your health gets better i wish you well davd j

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