Really struggling today

I absolutely hate my job now, I've been battling with my depression since March 2015 and most of it was work related. I feel physically sick at the thought of going in today. I have to commute 2 hours a day. I got disciplined last time for being off because I hit rock bottom again due to work stress. I now feel like my boss is putting more stress onto me to force me out the door. I used to be good at my job now I have a stigma attached to me because I have mental health problems. Most of the time I'm fine at home but now I'm just permanently low. I just don't know what to do. Please someone help. Its destroying me as a person.


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  • HI I do emphasise with you coz I went through exactly the same thing at my last job. I hated it too and it brought on a very bad attack of depression and I was so stressed it was unbelievable.

    I am not sure where you live, but if you have been at your job for at least 2 years, and if you are in the UK, under Health and Safety Law your employers have a duty of care towards you, which means that if they are aware you have a medical problem they have to do everything they can to help you at work and to keep your job. They have to make 'reasonable' adjustments. These could be extra breaks, taking some work away from you or giving you a few days extra sick leave because of your illness, or even moving you to a less stressful job. Bear in mind though that these are all subject to 'business needs'.

    Are you in a union? If so they should be able to help. Have they sent you to occupational health for their opinion? These are things they should be doing. If they aren't then ask for them. If they do sack you and they don't follow the law then you have grounds for official action against them via the tribunal system.

    Why don't you google ACAS? They should be able to advise you of your rights and the employer duties. Good luck. x

  • Thank you so much. That has been really helpful.

  • Hello Nicolar

    Have you approached your GP yet regarding your depression ?

    It may be a good idea to try and get support. If you are having problems with your employer As mentioned earlier they have a duty of care and if this is not happening I suggest you try and look at ways to protect yourself.

    We are always here to give support, although if you are very low you may benefit with medications and an appointment and treatment under a CPN who will help in your recovery


  • Hi Nicola, I too hate my job and broke down last year big time, did they care? did they hell.... you have to realise your a better person than that and try your best to think positive. Don't let them get you down and try look for another job this is what I am doing, all the best x

  • Hey, I worked 100 per week, for a global company, I got sick and was told I had bipolar, I told my boss, that I had to cut my hours, I was only getting paid for 39 hours I might add. I had been working for them for 14 years, they made it so hard for me to stay I had to leave.

    It's been hard but I'm still here and living, not like I used to but still here. I should have sued them but did not.

    Get all info and record everything, bcc every email to your home email and after a while take them to tribunal. Then leave, you have rights, use them.

    Good luck

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