How do you treat yourself?

What are some examples other people like to do to treat themselves? I find sometimes there is nothing that I can do, or want. I will tell myself I can buy whatever meal I want- and nothing will interest me. Sometimes I will set a budget and explore some retail therapy. I enjoy that more than food- but you do have to wait to get your treasures. I discovered perfume lately and love studying about the notes and fragrances. So that is something new I have treated myself too. Early bedtime and a good book is nice too.

What are your ideas of treating yourself?❤️


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11 Replies

  • Hi well a someone who is living on a very limited income my idea of a treat is to be able to afford a coffee out with a friend! If I am feeling especially flush then I occasionally have a meal too. Bev x

  • I agree that is a lovely treat. I work a morning/evening split shift 6 days a week and maybe get into town once a week. I always feel so much better after enjoying getting ready and having some chips on a picnic bench and watch seagulls and sparrows. The best things in life are the simple pleasures. I don't have any friends other than my partner. I would like to but caught in the cycle of wanting to and then feeling too tired between work shifts to do anything fun with someone. I have every after noon free but need to nap to get threw my evening shift. I'm home by 10:30pm which is too late to do anything for me and then back to work in the morning. Mos Sunday's I have off- and I never have engery to want to do anything other than catch up on my housework and hope my partner visits me in the evening.

  • A good whisky and a strong Ale


  • :d Bob. xx

  • I love the cinema which I do every week and also curling up with a good book :) x

  • That is very cool because you have something to look forward to.💐

  • Not sure if you mean treating depression or being nice to yourself? i tend to use omega 3s and b vitamins to treat my depression also 5htp when im having sleeping problems.

  • Thank-you for your reply. I orginally meant as being nice to yourself- but it good to hear tips about sleeping too.

  • Knitting, painting, photography, walks, nature, books, cosmetics, movies, TV series, magazines, shopping, nice sheets or blankets n towels, nice shower gels, fancy soaps n candles n smelly things. These are the little things I like :) just have a go at anything you haven't tried or bought!

  • Well I shouldn't, and I don't advise it.. I binge drink every friday night... I buy a box of 12 cans of cider and usually drink 7-8 of them.. every saturday morning I tell myself 'never again' but I have recovered by the next Friday and do it all over again.......xx

  • Sounds like it is something you have to look forward to which is really good! ❤️

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