I feel good...or do I?

Contradictory to my last post...recently I have been feeling outstanding! Probably because my band is slowly working out but I really feel like women are just a distraction and I'm meant to just focus on my music and get it going. Sure this is probably a peak that tends to last about a month and then something will set me off and I'll want to kill myself but right know I feel great, I'm constantly talking to attractive women at drama, I've been receiving a load of compliments now that working out is starting to show, I'm really enjoying playing bass again and I just feel great for no reason, work is great fun and its always a good laugh, I get the feeling that people actually like me; true its no-one at school but I hate everyone at school anyway....people have been saying really nice things about me and it's made me realize that life is worth living and its too short to sit around and feel sorry for myself so I'm going to arrange some sort of counselling thing next week and jam loads with my band and AAHHH its just making me feel great, I went to a concert on Tuesday and that made me realize "this is what music is about" you know heavy metal and just moshing around like no-one's watching. I may not be in love with a person but I'm in love with my music and right now...that's the best thing for me as music can't hurt me like people do

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  • Hi well that is good news that you are feeling so well. When the depression starts again remember how you feel today and that will hopefully give you an incentive to recover. It's like banking the good feelings and positive vibes for when you need them. x

  • Thanks

  • You are welcome love. Is your band on Youtube? If can you send me the link please. x

  • Tell you what if you private message me at some point I'll send a link when we've got something up....hopefully it won't be too long to wait

  • You can put it on here. I can't be the only one who would like to see it. x

  • I will once we have a video up

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