boyfriend got someone else pregnant

i'm going through it at the moment as well. just found out my boyfriend got someone else pregnant and they are expecting twins. i'm trying to stay sane at the moment, i love him. i seem to know in my heart it won't work. i know what i envisioned for my future, and it was a family with him. but i'm jealous. and when those babies come i'm scared i'm not going to be able to handle it. he says he's sorry, & i do forgive him (again because of the off and on nature of our relationship). i want to stay, i am scared i won't find anyone else i can love as fiercely as i love him. my mood is so low. i literally spend all day taking deep breaths and moving as slowly as i can for fear of just bursting out into tears. i constantly have this cloudy feeling in my test. & i'm trying to focus on exams at the moment. finding it very difficult to concentrate.

i feel like i need to find the courage to let go.

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  • Hi cloudiness

    I am so sorry that this has happened to you, its such a betrayal, when you love someone, only you can make the decision to stay with this man, or realise you are worth much more then this, you will find the courage from within if you really want to, not straight away, but eventually, is there family you can talk to about this, or are you having counseling with someone you can talk to, this is not your fault, and there is someone out there for you, who will!respect you as you deserve, when you feel low it is hard to believe but it will happen when time is right for you, good luck hope things work out your way. Annette

  • Hello

    If the relationship is so questionable and He is so untrustworthy personally for you that is it, Possibly He will feel torn with the girl and twins. If you stay with Him will He be paying for the new family when they are born.

    You explain He has also been playing around before and He says sorry, ask yourself how are you going to live with possible deceit throughout your life together.

    You may feel the way you do toward him now, it feels to me you will end up in the not to distant future as deceived and very hurt.

    Believe me when I say there are many men out their who will treat you with love and respect. It may take a time although when you think about it your life will be more full and meaningful.

    Personally I cannot understand why you would want to stay with a man who cannot keep his trousers on. Give yourself a break and look for someone who will be attentive to your needs. Trust is so important in a relationship.

    When younger I was in a relationship with a nice woman, the only thing was she lied.

    That went on for four years. it was not that she was playing around it was just lies. and She was a stalker. Eventually we parted the relationship started to go sour after six months and I stayed with her because of the stalking. Do not feel you will not find anyone else. Six months after that relationship was over I found my wife and we have been married for thirty years

    You deserve to find a soul mate, it may take a little time although the wait is well worth it. We all deserve happiness and honesty in a relationship do not cheapen your life with the known wrong person


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