Lower back, leg joint, neck and hands/finger problems but no pain, do I have arthritis?

do I have arthritis?

I sit down and lay down quite alot in a really uncomfortable position which I know isnt the smartest thing to do but now my whole back, legs and neck stiffs stiff and weird like its hunched in from lying with my back shoulders all the time, I click it every half an hour, I want to constantly crack it. I tried practicing a spinning kick from classes I took a few years back and I feel my leg joint pop back into place... thats scary considering I want to get back to training. I dont even have the effect to walk most of the time, even bending over to put on clothes and socks is a chore for me sometimes, I should be way more active for my age and I feel like an elderly 30 year old. On top of that my hands and fingers stiff too but theres no pain or any redness just really rusty feeling of back, neck and leg joint problems, a few years backs I used to crack my lower back and my ribs (dont asked how) I don't know what is wrong with me please help. is this permanent? will I ever have to give up martial arts training? I love kicking and jumping and doing plymetrics workout.

Today I walked for ten mins and I feel as if I put more support on my left leg, the least strongest leg and I feel strain and stiffness everytime I lift it, my lower back feels locked and pushed in a little too. My hands and fingers need cracking everytime I waash my hands or do something that requires dexterity.

this just adds to my problems and I dont know how long long takes to get better or if I can every fix this.

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  • if Im posting this in the wrong place please let me know. Its effecting my well being and ability to cope and function with my other problems.

  • May be fibromyalgia so do google that. x

  • but theres no pain in any my part of my body.

  • Sounds like a Medical problem, why not go to the Doctor.


  • I've already bombared my doctor with so many other problems, Im so negative all the time and don't think theres any solution to this problem... well not the kind of solution Im hoping for as in Im trying to find a new hobby that would make me happy (kick boxing) but everytime I find one something gets in the way and its frustrating. I want to know if this problem will hold me back from doing what I'd like to do.

    sitting on my bed in a bad position when reading books and using the laptop couldn't have helped my situation, and to top it off my neck feels like cracking just as much as my leg, hip and pelvis area. its really effecting my mobility, even my ability to jump and do basic tasks.

  • Hello Jim, it can be difficult to say exactly why you have these problems, it's probably best to get professional advice starting with the doctor. I know if you are like me am quite reluctant to do that as feel they think I would be wasting there time and there is actually nothing wrong.

    It's difficult to know why you feel like this as I don't know if you are active at the moment or have been recently inactive, if you have been going through a bad spell, if you are getting the right nutrition etc.

    as I too feel the need to crack twist my back, chest neck etc. feeling tight chested, numb dead tight imbalanced feelings in those areas that required relief by stretching etc.

    I used to get it a lot and thought there is something physically wrong with me but no one believed me so just carried on putting up withit and using my own remedies to alleviate the issues as above. While relief is short term and temporary it may have actually done more harm than good. Stretching is good.

    I found that when I was more active a nd excercising, eating well that my body was more at ease, less tension, more balanced in strength therefore less imbalanced muscularly which can cause you things like backaches etc..

    I at the moment am a lot less active and I have clicking necks, cracking lower back tensions everywhere tight fingers and all that, I put it down to my depression, inactivity, not going out the house, getting the right nutrients, eating as well.

    A lot can be said for mobilising the body, as it is designed to do just that, and body and mind and all that. It's all connected And performs as one as a unit and if there is something wrong in one or the other invariably it does have an effect on the other

  • Please accept my apologies as I am having difficulty focusing and stuff and reading and writing so I have just written with little edit

  • This is a link to a list of symptoms of B12 deficiency as many of the symptoms you are describing sound to me as if they fit into that


    B12D often occurs with other multiple conditions so unpicking what is causing what symptoms can be difficult. It affects different people in different ways and it can develop over decades.

    There are tests but they have to be interpreted quite careful as, certainly with the Serum B12 test, significant numbers of people can have strong clinical signs even though their test results come back in 'normal range'.

    At least one cause - PA - tends to run in families.