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Firstly to introduce myself my name is Kim and I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist student.

I know you will be based all over the country but I just wanted to invite anyone who may live in/near Glasgow to a free self esteem group that myself and fellow colleagues will be running.

If it sounds like something that anyone would be interested in finding out more about, please feel free to send me a private message for further information.

Thank you,



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10 Replies

  • Hello Kim

    What a lovely thing to do to make a open offer like that.

    If you are a student you have tutors correct, can I share a small bug bear of mine, just so that maybe you could pose a question to your tutors? And I know CBT can really help some people but...deep no dont run

    I had CBT once and I have to say it was one of thee most painful times of my life. It seemed to hinge on me watching the minutia of my life and make notes about it! aahhhh. Now I know avoidance isnt the done thing and it's about finding triggers and heading them off at the pass, but the more I noticed the bigger my problems got. So now I'm all over 'changing the subjec't and maybe coming back to the problem when some of the wind has been taken out of it by my feeling better, ie NOT focusing on the problem.

    Now somewhere in that little rant is a question for your tutor all be it that I don't know what the question

    Look I didn't say I wasn't mad as a box of frogs...:-) AND luckily for you I dont live in Scotland, I can feel the sigh of relief from here...ha ha.

    Maybe something along the lines of the Adam and The Ants song..Stand and Deliver?

    So onward and upward young Kim and good luck.

    Thanks again x

  • Hello Caroline, thank you very much for your response,certainly very thought provoking and its always very good to hear about people's experience of counselling. Sorry it sounds as though it wasn't a particularly positive experience for you. I think that with any type of counselling, a lot hinges upon the relationship between client and counsellor so I hope it hasn't put you off seeking any future support should you wish it.

    I will certainly mull over your comments.

    I must admit I do like that song ?



  • Thanks Kim, Ive gone back to school and Im on the up. I merely mention because as students maybe its up to the likes of you to take this stuff forward and ....improve it :-)

    I'll be okay nothing a bang on the head wouldnt

    Something else you might quiz your tutors with, if you could take a pill to cure all your ills, worries, etc...would you?

    My final comment and then I'll bugger off, I have a friend who sought CBT and said it did her good, she still has black moods but seems to need reminding to go back to it as a pick me up. Now she is training in CBT, honestly I love her, but she is a deeply negative person and from the outside CBT doesnt seem to have helped her much.

    Oh now look your going to be upset with me for upsetting the CBT apple cart, this isn't a personal slight Kim I hope you understand that.


  • I'd love to come, but I think Wales is a bit far me to be able to get there regularly! Now I have had counselling three times and the bloke who does the one I go to now is

    a CBT therapist by profession. Even though it's not officially CBT, the way he does things obviouslt reflects his own interests. I would recommend it to anyone. I love the way he works with me on things that matter now, as opposed to digging up rubbish that happened 200 years ago that I can't do anything about anymore!

  • I have only had CBT once and I wasn't too impressed with it but maybe it wasn't right for me at that time. On the last day of my CBT group there were only 2 of us and I spent 3/4 of the time listening while they concentrated on the other woman and feeling totally ignored. I wouldn't have got any time at all if I hadn't jumped in and told them this. They accepted my point then turned (reluctantly?) to me. I came away angry and upset. I am nowhere near Scotland either. x

  • Hi there,

    That sounds like it was a bad ending to your CBT group. I can understand why you would have felt angry and upset, it was good you felt able to raise it with them although unfortunate it felt it was accepted reluctantly. I hope it wouldn't put you off attending a group in the future.


  • I am sorry but I think Manchester is a bit far - but if I lived in Glasgow I would come along just for the experience - not that I could offer anything positive although I don't think self esteem groups can

    help in the cure for depression low esteem is a side affect of depression but only a very small one and would not benefit me - it should be emphasised that one is not treating an impersonal thing, the group, but is treating individual persons in a group setting. does this facilitate the process of helping the individual ???

    depends on many factors - good luck with you group I hope it does have some benefit to somebody --

    bear in mind most people who have suffered with depression for many years have been down this route

    before -- route 66 would not work in my case understanding depression is not a cure. Bear in mind group

    sessions are not everybody cup of tea - I personally would rather go to a art gallery or a walk in the woods

    or visit the seven wonders of the world.

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate that a self esteem group would not be used to fully treat depression. The group is open to all individuals, I chose to engage through this group as I know, as you point out, that self esteem can be effected for some people who are suffering from depression.

    I am aware that a group would not appeal to everyone, it is a personal thing and even if only one person from this forum is able to come along, it will certainly have been worth my posting.


  • Hi Kim

    I had CBT (one to one) through my GP a while back and found it useful. I keep meaning to revisit my notes though, because I have probably forgotten much of what I was taught. The stuff about different styles of thinking, and learning to rationalise things was helpful.

    Now I am on a mindfulness course (again NHS) and would like to ask you about the differences between CBT and mindfulness, as they seem directly opposed to each other. In CBT we take each thought and dissect it, and kill its power to affect mood. In mindfulness we just notice the thought, and any associated feelings - just a thought, just a feeling, no big deal sort of thing, don't 'think' about it.

    What am I missing here? Should we use one or the other, or do they work together?

    I'm a long way from Scotland too, or I'd asking to join your self esteem group.

    best wishes


  • Hi Libby,

    Thanks very much for your response. It definitely is an interesting question you have raised. I am certainly no expert but I am happy to share with you my thoughts. I will send a private message with more detail.



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