My Elbow Hurts

I know what you think, you think it's a song don't you, some trivial Country and Western song about how I lost my dog and now my elbow hurts.

Well NO, I have repetitive pain injury in my elbow.

Hence I am a bit down.

So I feel it maybe time for a little twos and froze for those who feel the urge.

If you could change 5 things in your life for the better what would they be? And maybe how or swap the situation / item...for?

6 would of course be ridiculous.

Now Im feeling quite generous so we could say change 3 things a week so this would just be this weeks list.

Want to play? :-)

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  • Ill start...First one is simple:

    I would have a screw on nose, my nose is rarely warm in the winter Im like a dawg, I hate it and you cant buy nose warmers that dont make you look like a clown!

    I would make exercise fun! And fruit and veg taste like cake and biscuits.

    My house would have a garden with a huge self cleaning (sometimes heated) private (not over looked) swimming pool!

    Id out law paid work and everyone would do what they want just for fun!

    Id be able to fly, low level stuff at first as Im afeared of heights!

    (and if 6 were possible I would send Bev a new wardrobe of stylish clothes as I know how she likes them, especially now she's off the Victorian kick...dude seriously!)


  • Got the garden a big one , would love an automatic gardener who would do all the weeding

    Grass tender who would look after the grass.

    Tinted windows so at this time of year I would be unable to see the work that needs to be done in the garden

    An automatic car wash in the garage to wash the car and polish it

    An automatic mouse and rat catcher that I would not have to clear as this can be a problem in my outhouses

    A very pretty Swedish Au pair to look after me, Sorry do not tell Hazel cannot have that I am really happy with her so cannot have that

    So that was six, cannot have the last on so that is back to five


  • Bob you made me laugh on this dull January day.

    Hannah x

  • Ha Ha made me laugh too, sterling work Bob and your secret is safe with us a Swedish rat catching, lawn mowing

    Thanks for playing X

  • Ha ha ha Caroline. I would like some sensible warm clothes - have had enough of Victorian petticoats. And everything would be thermal lined and would wash and iron themselves.

    Would love a cleaner who didn't require payment and would do it for love.

    I am totally with you on the fruit and veg - wouldn't that be loverley?

    I would make everyone be nice to everyone else and no one would ever be nasty again.

    I would also like a magic purse - every time I opened it it would be stuffed with money. Oh and I would like a gorgeous toyboy as well.

    Well if wishes were ???? can't remember the rest. :d

    Bev xx

  • Horses Bev....if wishes were Horses :-)

    Well I thought youd gone retro 1960's these days Bev.

    All sounds good to me only I thin my handbag would be stuffed with never ending cake and buiscuits ...ha ha ...ever practical. If your handbag was stuffed with moolah wouldnt it get rather heavy?

    Toyboy, what like a could mow Bobs lawn whilst he's at it.

    Thanks for playing :-)XX

  • Neighhhh :d x

  • I'm not actually sure if I read this, or saw it on TV, but I learned yestetday that you're more likely to get ill if you have a cold nose. It's something to do with the coldness of the nose. Actually I can't remember any of the theory of it, but it definitely said you need a warm nose to fight off viruses!

  • How odd, for the first time this year no cold and I only had one last year :-)

    Still would prefer a toasty


  • Hi Lucy,

    Thinking of you,hoping you are keeping up ok.

    Bit of useless information but in dogs a cold wet nose is a sign of good health !!

    Anyway you take care,post me if you ever want to I can ramble on for hours to help take your mind away from things for a while.



  • Anyone for tennis.......sorry that's not funny.

    I am so glad to hear you had a delicious curry

    None of us will never feel your debilitating pain.

    I just hope you don't get it,again and again.

    It is good to know that just one curry can stop the strain

    It's just a shame it doesn't help with the elbow pain.

    I send you all my best wishes

    I know what you mean about the fishes

    It's worse if their glass bowl isn't anti glare

    It almost makes you feel that you are in there

    I just hope the fish in the bowl are Tropical

    Then it would not be so cold and horrible

    All your followers would wonder where you are

    You would be sadly missed by people near and afar

    For you are loved so much on this forum

    Not like me I just bore them

    I will bring this poem to an end

    CarolineLondon your a great forum friend

    To close this post I will say if I may

    You makes people think in a positive way.

    I have never been great with my words

    It's like i am away flying with the birds.

    You are such an inspiration and if you ever you are not feeling good yourself you have the ability to make others feel better..

    I smile to myself when reading your posts and the smile lasts a long while.

    Oh my three changes. Read into this to find the real me

    I would make fat the new thin

    I would make sad the new happy

    I would make poor the new rich

    Answer................Fat, Sad, & Poor. X

    I am the only person I know who if I was a page 3 girl I could cover page four for them as well,the sad thing is it's not for large bra size,it's for the rest of me.

    When I get on the electronic scales they say one at a time please!

    I can't afford to go on holiday abroad as I would need to buy the whole row of seats out on the aeroplane, although there is a positive to every negative ,imagine how many meals I would get!

    Everybody eats to live others live to eat. I won't say anything about that!

    Ending this now as I need to visit the restroom and I did not even have a curry.

    The rush to the toilet may be this new chocolate that I brought from the chemist when fetching my prescriptions today. It was buy one get one free and I love a bargain. Not sure If it was a foreign chocolate maker as it said Exlax on the wrapper and I'm not familiar to that brand. It was a little gritty not smooth like cadbury's.

    They sell chocolate everywhere these days.

    Loads of everything to everyone and you of course CarolineLondon AKA The mad woman.

    I will post tomorrow and with how fast things are moving along with me I may have to post from the W.C sorry that was meant to be A&E.

    I think I may have to report the chemist to Environmental health and get these chocolate bars removed from the chemist,that what sweet shops are meant to sell. It may just be a bad batch.

    Please everyone out there don't feel sorry for me or spend the night worrying.its my own fault for nor being able to limit my chocolate intake or that make of chocolate obviously doesn't agree with me.

    Thank you all for your company



  • WOW WOW WOW....lllloved your poem you're super talented! Drop everything become a poet! And Im so flattered!!! You made my day! I had a bad fall today and was feeling quite sorry for myself but that has really cheered me up and touch my heart thanks ever so.

    You know what fat you can lose but brainz and talent well you is born with them, yes you can build on them but the base stuff has to be there and you have it in spades!

    I wish i could write poetry but you know what I can illustrate ;-) hoorah!

    As for the chocolate well maybe the pipes needed cleaning and once your over the worst you'll actually feel better?! Exlax...hillarous!


    Thanks Again ....XXXX

  • I would have my own swimming pool and be able to swim everyday,I would lose my taste for sweet food, I would learn to like housework, especially ironing and I would enjoy social events more.

  • Great list!

    Dont lose your taste for the sweet stuff! Just have the other stuff thats good for you change remain healthy but turn into the sweet

    Id love to have a swimming pool, just drift away into my own world how wonderful.

    Ill send someone round for the ironing.

    If its any help I love social stuff because Im so nosey, I approach them as a time to leanr something new. The woman who wrote 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' said we all have one good book inside us, well I maintain everyone has at least one good conversation inside them, just get onto something they love and off they go :-) Hope that helps. Thanks for palying, I dont think I've seen you name often.

    Hope you have a fab day.


  • Morning Caroline

    Is it your funny bone ???


  • Bob I dont think you are taking this seriously at all...its NOT hurts....grrr. When you think what a trivial thing Man Flu is compared to my elbow!!!


  • Had my jag for man flu, No funny bone is not funny I do not know why they call it that

    Some GP in the past I suppose, I have problems with that area it has been a friend for two decades. as part of tendons in that place become very sore I agree it is grrrr LOL

  • I know you're going to think derrr, but what does "I had my Jag for man flu", is t slang for some indian man servant who rubs a mix of toads spit and elephant pooh on your elbow?!!



  • It is a sharp pin near your funny bone, for those of us senior citizens

    Again not funny. especially if you have upset the Surgery Staff


  • Is that at prerequisite have elbow pain will upset Surgery Staff OR are they merely sensitive to malfunctioning

    Oops X

  • Only when they start laughing at the pain in the funny bone


  • It is a sharp pin near your funny bone, for those of us senior citizens

    Again not funny. especially if you have upset the Surgery Staff


  • heloooo! I would have:

    Someone BRILLYANT to do my assignments

    Non-fattening chocolate

    Longer legs


    PS Tell Bob I'm a gardener by profession :-)

  • Holly Moley you wish for it Bob and it turns up! A sexy gardener! Pronto as the Italian say.

    Umm not to point the counting finger Mrs Amanda BUT you only listed 3 there are supposed to be

    Is it true that Aspidistra fly or was that wasskle Orwell telling fibs!?

    Is gardening a youthemism (No I did not spell that myself I looked it up! ..tsk) for therapy and brain fishing?

    So is it ...I Garden, You Garden....

    We are Gardening (meaning engaging in therapy session!!?)

    I know nothing of gardening its alchemy with plants! :-)


  • Remove your digit from my visage young lady! I refer, m'lud, to the original posting which clearly states that three changes a week was acceptable. Hrrrumph!

    I think the quote is................ ahem........'I garden... therefore I am............gardening' or summat. has tenuous links with therapy in that being outside and fizzycally active is known to raise the levels of both seratonin and endorphins which contribute to feeling better. Also, stuff looks better when you look outside. x

  • Amanda Im ill!!! I have some ugly bug and may not last the day :-( Do you really want your last words to be remove your digit

    Yeah gardening fab, Im rubbish with plants and you are going to think Im crazy but I cant bare living with plants indoors. I know they are beautiful and can appreciate them in other peoples houses, but in my own they look at me and say I want to play outside!

    It's a great skill, lucky you x

  • Afternoon,

    I've not had a good 2015 so far either. Tests and biopsies to look forwards to. Feel a bit broken, like humpty dumpy and all the Kings men etc.

    But I've just booked tickets for, wait for it, I'm sorry I havent a clue. Tonight in Guildford. I'm determined to laugh.

    So you have tennis elbow then? My other half gets housemaids knee and he's a 6 foot 2 builder. No euphemism intended.

    Off to finish the Jaffa cakes. I feel a bit sick but I won't give up. May need to do some lunges as a warm up before attempting the last third of the packet.

    Wish me luck,

    Sarah x

  • Hi poorly girl. Hope you feel better soon. Assuming you have lasted the day of course. If you haven't - this is a complete waste of my time and energy. Today I have been pruning apple trees (I know you're fascinated} I had to tuck my petticoats in my pantaloons to avoid mud splatters.

    I, too, hate plants in the house, along with bonsai and other martial arts. There is a time and place for everything. xx

  • I was revived by a Lamb Madras this evening which i shared with a friend! Who'd have thought it ;-)

    Im sooo pleased you agree about house pants I thought I was the only one! Now we can be social out casts together...hoorah. Another pet hate (sorry if anyone has any) is fish in bowls or tanks, they should be out in the ocean or ponds and things.

    Actually Impressed you prune trees, sounds tricky, especially in pantaloons, hats off to you. Although if your taking your fashion statement from Bev she's moved on to the 1960's, its all mini skirts and white boots with her

    I have taken off the sack cloth and ashes and am skipping around in dungarees and a t-shrt with some protest slogan on it , I should go self sufficient any day now, the wellies are on order...ha ha.


  • Glad you're feeling better - nothing like a good Madras to get things moving...

    Have had to get me to a darkened room after visit to vet with mutts for booster jabs - cost over £100! I'm ok now and off to hold-up the Post Office as a way to replenish piggy bank.

    Sixties is it? Sheesh! Will also climb into loft and dig out my rather fetching platform boots and tie-dress.......... now where's that Procol Harem single and those funny fags?

    Dungarees and protest t-shirt? It's not Greenham Common love! xx

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