Happy Christmas to ALL :-)


Well I have no chimney and so no fat barstuard stuck up it ,which would have been hillarious, ah well we live in hope.

Hope you are all okay and Im sending out lots of Hugs and Love.

I have no decorations and no presents....hoorah, Im doing a sterling job of ignoring Christmas. I got two books out of the library and a jigsaw from the charity shop....loooove jigsaws.

I have very kindly been invited to Christmas dinner lately, so I know how lucky I am, I hope you all get to spoil yourself in some way today.

My focus is on next year and a fresh start :-) I am greatful for a chance to try again at life and for being waterproof, imagine if your skin wasn't waterproof what a nightmare...lol.

Anyway I know this isnt quite the place but if you feel like sharing the good stuff please do :-)



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34 Replies

  • Waterproof? Lol.

    Caroline, I hope you had a great day today. Well at least a good lunch. I've got lots of books out of the library and am happily reading now all the cooking has been done.

    Sarah xx

  • Waterproof....sooo important :-) BIG KISS Thanks Sarah hope you have a fab day x

  • Hi Caroline well done for being such a successful bah humbug. That's great. How great you were invited out for Christmas lunch. The worst of it is over now until next year thank goodness.

    My Christmas was ok. I went to the pub first but only one of my friends was in unlike last year when loads were in and I had a great time. I then went to my sisters bf for dinner. There were only the 3 of us but it was better than being on my own. Was pleased to get back home though. I don't really do Christmas same as you :d Hope you are ok love.

    Bev x

  • Hiya

    So pleased you were alone, I did thnk of you Bev. Yes all over now can sail into 2015 soon with new plans and ideas and gusto. I often think of the Fall and Rise of Reggie Perrin....love that show, how I dream of having my own successful grott shop with no wheel bicycles and buckets with holes in....lol ...genuis

    BIG KISS and a HUG, you're a TOP gal Bev and always make me smile XX

  • Oh Carolin I loved The Rise and fall of Reggie..... Remember it was

    Based on John Stonehouse! Now that's a blast from the past. Do you remember

    Hugs story and his wife?

    Hannah xx

  • It was based on whooosey whatsy whats that now? Ive never heard of John Stonehouse, and whose Hugs? That's why I love you Hannah because you enrich my life. Are you saying there was a real Reggie Perrin! How fantastic. I could look it up but would rather hear it from you please.

    Thanks Hannah xx

  • John Thomson Stonehouse was a British Labour Party politician and junior minister under Harold Wilson. Stonehouse is perhaps best remembered for his unsuccessful attempt at faking his own death in 1974. Wikipedia

  • Im in Hannah, my family are all behaving like arses, Im going to fake my own death!

    Now how about Bev gets the gold dress, Gemma and Sue can be the maids who die with me and you can fetch the fake poison and we can do a fake Cleopatra on Richmond High Street. Come on what would be more natural and believable than that! Taking your clothes off on the beach is sooo yesterday...lol.

    Sometimes I feel I owe my continued insanity to you lot, thank God for that, if I became sane life would merely be grey and boring...lol.

    Now maybe we should have a song? Any suggestions.


  • How about La la la la la la la etc. We could all then live in La la Land. Lovely :d

    Oh you made me remember about gold dresses now...I remember going to London at 13 to see the Monkees in concert. I had a lovely dress - all gold with big bell sleeves. I thought I was the bees knees - sigh.... That was *%$ years ago!

    bev xx

  • I looove the Monkeys I have a tune of theirs in my car and I sing it at the top of my voice, its called 'Goin Down' do you know it? and I quote:

    Floatin' down the river

    With a saturated liver

    And I wish I could forgive her

    But I do believe she meant it

    When she told me to forget it

    And I bet she will regret it

    When they find me in the morning wet and drowned

    And the word gets 'round.

    Goin' down. Goin' down.

    So what you're saying is YOU should be Cleopatra Bev? But I had first dibs :-) tsk


  • Always look on the bright side. Tra la tra la.

    Or " Hotel California " or Silent Night

  • Ah Ha I see the maddness is catching! Up the Revolution Hannah xx

  • Omg! I remember that. Was it so long ago? I must be old :)

    Bev x

  • Remember what? Old Old Bev there are no Old people here we are faaaaarr to busy for all that nonsense!


  • The John Stonehouse thing back in 1974. Oh dear well my grandparents told me about it then :d I am not enough to remember it after all..... xx

  • Ha ha ha Caroline ditto :d Actually I am going to lose a few brownie points now as can't stand Reggie Perrin - I thought it was too pompous and over rehearsed humour which isn't funny at all (well to me anyway). Sorry! Love Monty Python though :d Other than that I don't like most comedy so must be a miserable git...

    Bev xx

  • BEVERRRRLLLY YOU YOU are my alter EGO how could you NOT love Reggie.... * Caroline swoons and faints!*

    This indeed is an awful day!


  • Wait Alter Ego thats a good thing right?

  • Not as good as 'prevarication but I will tell you about that tomorrow :d xx

  • I thought PRE-Varication was something you caught at the swimming pool, from people who dont have clean feet!!!


  • Hello yes here We are having grated Santa and minced riendeer here tomorrow night. What a mess of the roof, Our next door neighbor got the wood


  • :d Bob. Enjoy :) Bev x

  • Bob that made me smile!

  • Bob that made me smile! X

  • Bob that made me smile!

  • Bob that made me smile! X

  • Bob that made me smile! X

  • Thats so funny Lucy your message came up 4 times? What does it mean. Does anyone feel they live in the Twighlight Zone :-) Hope you have a good day xx

  • Ewww that sounds a bit Hammer Horror, why are you boys always so yucckky....lol.

    Now tell me did you have an action man like my brother and play in the mud by the stream...lol

    Thanks Bob X

  • Hello used to plodge in the river, with my fishing net


  • Hello used to plodge in the river, with my fishing net


  • Hi everyone , Caroline I'm glad you are ok. I had my friend over, we ate at 3pm which is

    Kind of early. Nice quiet day, one sister phoned me, which was nice.

    Tried to phone my older sister in Manchester but her ph. Not working.

    Hope everyone had a good day.

    Hannah xx

  • Hi

    Im pleased it all went well thanks for letting me know. Hope all this good stuff is off the back of your back healing. Really hope you have a changed life Hannah and get better and betterer this year.

    BIG KISS and thank you for being my friend XX

  • Oh great Hannah I am so glad you weren't on your own. I was worried about you. Hope you had a fabulous time. Did you get any nice pressies?

    Bev x

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