hi sorry ive not been on here on a regular basis ive been trying hard to get better ! Ive been doing not to bad until today im at work was doing some light sweeping up but back got sore sat down after about 5 mins i got a funny feeling in my head and just after that i started crying so fed up with myself ! Seems to be one step forward 5 steps back my quitiapine was working but through my phyciatrist and doctor they arent communicating properlly and i missed a couple of doses over the last two days ! Hope things settle down now im back on them ! My mums back in hospital and my sisters not well it never rains but it pours. Thank to everyone !(david)


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  • Yeah, it sound slike the meds have messed you up a bit there, and it will feel like you have taken a huge step back after all your progress. But bear it in mind that your feelings will settle down again once the meds are back on track.

    I am quite scared to come off my meds - in case I feel as anxious and uptight as I did before and I will lose all of the confidence I have built.

    I think you will feel better in the next few days. It was bad timing as well with your mum and sister not being well. But bad things seem to happen all at once - it's a mystery of the universe - bad things altogether when we feel like we can't cope. But there's always light at the end of the tunnel (your light is that the meds were working and you can hope for them to work again).

  • Thanks for your reply im the same as you i hate missing tablets as its can cause problems ! It just shows you its important to keep on top of yout meds ! Thanks agsin (david)

  • Hello David, it's lovely to hear from you. I'm sorry that you've taken a bit of a dip and more sorry that it seems to have been a result of your doctors being less than efficient. My Mum has also been in hospital so I understand how you're feeling there. Lets hope that you start to pick back up again soon x

  • Hi lucy nice to hear from you sorry to hear your mum is in hospital hope shes better soon ! My mum cant stand hospitals neither do i ! How are you keeping yourself hope youre ok ! My sister has really bad depression her self i keep im touch to try and help god bless you lucy x

  • Hey I'm ok thanks! I've not been on here that regularly myself. I forget how nice it is to log in and chat to people in such similar situations. Hope both you and your sister are ok today x

  • Hi lucy hope your doing well im what you call a work in progress meds are getting sorted at last ! I spoke to my sister the other day we.try to help each other when we can ! My mums still in hospital were waiting for them to sort out a care package for her ! It is really nice to hear from you take care talk soon (david )

  • Well they say bad things come in 3's don't they celtic? Hopefully that's an end to it now and things will start to pick up. Hope your mum and sister are ok and that you are on your meds. Take care coughalot x