Morning all, its dull and rainy outside. What is it like where you are???

Is there any sunny dry weather about today??? I'm fed up with this wet, dull horrible weather, can't do anything.

This viral infection is doing my head in, this weather isn't helping.

My back has locked, I'm aching all over and I'm feeling very down. Hopefully someone has got some dry, sunn weather!!!!! :-(:-(


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5 Replies

  • Its raining and dull here in Brum MaisieMoo ):

  • Good morning Maisiemoo :)

    Dull and grey here in not so sunny Scotland .... roll on summer!

    Sorry to hear your not feeling so good, be good to yourself and take things easy

    Best wishes

    Lesley x

  • Hi Maisie the weather here in Dublin is dull wet and the local and European

    Elections are on , so it's interesting to see what happens. Yes weather would

    Out years on anyone today. Maisiemoo hope you feel better soon

    And hang on In There.

    Ah well Hope it improves.


    Hannah x

  • It's pants here, which is making me feel a bit miserable. I spent a lot of money and worked really hard in my garden last weekend, and I just want to be able to enjoy it! What will annoy me most is that the mixture of rain and sunny spells will make the weeds come back with a vengeance! Grrrrr!

  • How I agree with you about the weeds Lucy, I am looking at them out of the window right now, also everything is growing so fast that we cannot walk through the rose arches in our back garden in order to get to the garage without getting soaked! English summers! But at least we have lovely green countryside to look at. :) x

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