Well I suppose I am back

My life has become far to dynamic for my liking I am still dealing with the bloody Environment Agency, the work at our old address has been completed sort of,Our solicitor is drawing up a brief for a Barrister and I have a meeting with our Surveyor in Newcastle, Thursday. At least the plans for Berwick have been passed two days ago

Our those next doors are taking deliveries for the builder on Thursday as they will be starting the adaptations and knocking the two properties in together very soon now, so am meeting him tonight to discuss where he expects us to live as the works progress.We are expecting the work too be completed in six to eight weeks as they have to knock down walls and rebuild and extend all of our supplies into next door, They are taking external doors out and bricking up and making windows in different places. I think I will move into Scotland to get away from it all.

Our property in our old town has now been finished, now the problems begin to raise their heads down there and all seems to be going to court because of the damage that has been caused and the land that also has been stolen.

Now our tenant will start and look after the garden as it has not been looked at for nearly 1/1/ years so you can imagine what needs to be done down there. The tenant wants the garden, although not the problems of looking after it. Life is such a bitch why has He LET a property with a garden in and expect not to look after it defeats me!!!.

My garage id full of bathroom and now we have no room too store things in. Garden greenhouse a replacement for the one we lost in our old address arrives on Thursday with more bathroom and building materials so I will be glad when Thursday is over. Thank goodness for good next doors.

Now I have at least completed my new Orchard and Hazel has begun to plant here vegetable garden and we have nearly managed to complete the new plantings throughout back and front I suppose the builder will make a mess of all and we will have to start again

Sad to say my disability has prevented me from assisting in most of the work so Hazel has had to do most of the heavy lifting.

So I am still at screaming point although I need to move away when I can and allow those who are better qualified to do their job

Hope all are well



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7 Replies

  • Bob welcome back, I missed you. Your practical advice is always great , Thank

    Goodness Hazel is able to help you, look after yourself. bureaucracy is awful

    And you have been through the mill.


  • Hello Hannah

    Thank you for your reply, just found out they are starting the building work on Tuesday so I am going to be climbing the walls for the next six weeks. I suppose I will have my adaptations completed then and life will become less of a problem. I hope that the builder will do a good job.

    How are you getting on,it has been about a month since I was on the site ??.


  • Welcome back Bob, I missed you X Gemmalouise X

  • Hello Gemmalouise

    Thanks for your post and concern, life has been so busy over the last four weeks and it seems like I will have no respite until after the house has had its adaptations completed so I can get back to some form of normality that I have not had since my enforced move from my old home. I will be happy when I can sell the place and see a bright sunrise and start my new life in our newly adapted property.They are delivering a greenhouse for me on Thursday and radiators for my bathroom and we are waiting for the wall tiles to also be delivered. Our neighbours are real gems so they will take delivery of all and sundry while I have appointments in Newcastle in the afternoon with our surveyor regarding the works at my old address. Our tenant is one that needs to be lead by the nose and fails to understand the running of a property and wants every thing presented to him, sadly He has a further six months on the books, so will need to grin and bare it for a little longer before we can sell. and progress our lives

    There seems to be to much going on for me and my brain is not sorting all out and coping with so many changes as my health suffers when I cannot stay on top of things.We did not expect the work too start yet we thought we had at least a month before they were going to start Tonight I ordered a fire for next door so that will be arriving on Thursday I suppose so that is something extra to worry about. I always worry when we need to rely on other peoples kindness. especially when you consider the works taking six weeks to complete, they will be climbing the walls with the noise I feel every wall needs to be knocked down and rebuilt in a different place Knocking doors out of windows is not far wrong

    Sorry for going on all is so difficult at the moment, how are you getting on ?. I always feel you look so happy on your photo.

    All the best


  • Hey Bob, welcome back! :-)

    sounds like you've still got a lot going on, hopefully will get stuff sorted soon and things calm down a bit for you x

  • Hey buddy what ever it is that makes you want to scream, try to see it as a great way to practice..The practice is to see if you can sit there, & not get annoyed!lol

  • Hello

    If we scream, we are in some way still alive, I suppose if I do not scream I may feel dead