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I turned 72 on the 12 of November. I have always assumed I would become wiser as I get older. It hasn't happened yet Some things I have learned.....no one is happy all of the time. Life runs in peaks and valleys......We all struggle with something...Life is not fair.....Simple ordinary choices can have a great impact on our lives......Other people are not responsible for our joy or sadness, we are.....We are alone in life even if we have a partner...….Eat dessert first.....We are more alike than different. I must have learned more than this in 72 years but it's not coming . Pam

17 Replies
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Ha ha Pam you made me laugh there. I always assumed the same thing and now in my 60's realise it's never going to happen. We do have lots of experience in life though so in many ways are better equipped to cope than younger folk.

It seems like a miracle to me that I have made it so far as when I was young I could never see a future and it always looked blank to me. I guess I have just lived a life of survival with some good bits as well as bad along the way.

I am very proud of myself for making it so far though as it means I have successfully resisted the idea of suicide which has been on my mind for many years.

We are survivors my friend and may we both live forever. x

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sweetiepye in reply to hypercat54

I do have a hard time imagining a world without me. Not because I'm so important but because I can't stand not knowing what's going to happen.

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hypercat54 in reply to sweetiepye

I have been musing about people long ago and I bet every single person couldn't imagine a world without themselves. I bet none of them could imagine a world 1,000's of years on and to people of that era we will be the ancients! Strange thought isn't it? x

Hello Pam

Nice to see a face I have always wondered about, You look a very thoughtful, kind person

Sometimes I feel the same however I do feel we may become wiser and more thoughtful as we get older, my memory now is really bad and I have to leave little nudges so that I can remember next day what I need to perform.

We also need to learn how to be responsible for our own life choices, although looking back to earlier times to what I can remember, my distant past helps me consider earlier vital times


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You look great, Happy Belated Birthday!

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sweetiepye in reply to Where_is_normal

Thank you. You are very kind. Pam

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Lovely photo- and no you don’t look 72 (whatever 72 looks like these days)!

More like 52. A wealth of experience, desires and wants to build on.

There’s a lot of living still left to do. And the more curious we are the more we learn and grow. It’s all part of the journey. Living, learning and connecting. A shared smile between strangers is an example of our connection.A virtual hug to you and us all. 😇

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sweetiepye in reply to Abestar

This reply is so up lifting I'm saving it to read on those down days. It has also encouraged me to write similar replies to others. Best gift ever. Thank you, Pam

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Hi Pam, I would say that what you have learned has made you very wise indeed!!! Some people live a whole life time and don’t learn much at all. Sad but true!!! You’re still young anyway 😁 I have had the pleasure of caring for people over 100, most are a joy to be with 😁 and part of being older is to pass on what we’ve learned to others!!! Even though often they don’t listen !!! 😂 keep doing what your doing because it’s got you this far!! Lots of love xx

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sweetiepye in reply to Angep

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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We are made of energy and our energy transfers when our physical body wears out .. You will live on in another dimension SweetiePam .. Its all written in the stars ***

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sweetiepye in reply to Satsuma

I'm not planning on going anywhere just yet. Pam

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Satsuma in reply to sweetiepye

I replied that because of what you said .. I do have a hard time imagining a world without me. Not because I'm so important but because I can't stand not knowing what's going to happen .. Do not focus too much on this .. Just enjoy every moment now

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sweetiepye in reply to Satsuma

Got it.

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Sometimes... we don’t realize how wise we are, you know why ? Because sometimes “our lessons “ are Not Meant For Us, but... are meant for the person or people we later share Our Stories with- and vice versa💕

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Everything happens for a reason, every person you meet there is a reason , it all intertwines and that’s why when people like us (who battle invisible illnesses) finally meet up, if just by this forum..... that is OUR STRENGTH.. & that’s why we need to stick together because there’s a reason ...we all have a bond together because we all share .... as I’ve said before on here : I feel We are the ones with the biggest hearts !! ❤️❤️ and that’s why ..... sometimes we feel we fall short, it’s not because we are weak, it’s because we try to be strong for everyone and then squeeze our ownselves in maybe...maybe towards the end.

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Hi Pam,

I hope this text finds you well, I’ve always said we have a choice of paths we go down and if we are not on the right one we get a little nudge to get on the right one, things happen which we think are bad initially but all ends well in the end, good always comes out of bad situations, there is a very thin vale between our world and heaven, our family, friends, animals are always around us, so your not alone, people come into our lives to make a difference, teach us what they came to do then leave, I kept writing down notes all over the place so that I remember things, but you have to remember, the world is a better place with you in it, the people who you have helped and do help along the way, your are are teacher, a pillar of society and you have a lot of inner strength, keep drawing from that on lonelier days, and smile because you can, take care and stay safe my friend ❤️🌈

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