So...what are we all up to of a Friday evening?

I'm feeling rather better tonight. Friday night is usually braindead night for me. But I've finished catching up on my male soap opera (i.e. wrestling ;) ), so I might read for a bit now. Though my dancing shoes have an appointment with a Mr Prince Rogers Nelson first :D

What are you all up to out there in AoD world?


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29 Replies

  • Hi sounds like a nice evening, so far i've watched the soaps and plan is to have a good hot chocolate and get an early night and trying out my new sleeping tablets. Delightful!

    Have a good night


  • Welcome to life in the depressive fast lane - meds are your new rock 'n' roll! Sorry, don't mean to be glib but I think I'd be wrecked without a sense of humour ;)

    Hope you get a good night's sleep.

  • I STILL COUNT SHEEP! I do,my father said to me he used to dream of sofie loren jumping over fences,it drove my mum nuts!sorry she was upset in a funny way

  • MMMMMMMH sofia loren !!!

  • Laura a nice hit chocolate sounds nice, are you still In school Laura? It must be

    Hard to miss your sisters, your Stepdad does sound extremely strict, it's such

    A pity that your Mother could not support you. But your Grandparents sound good.

    Thank goodness you have them.

    Look after yourself


  • I'm not doing anything special was In town earlier, so will watch some TV and go

    To bed and read for a while. It was a lovely day here in Dubin , but I feel a bit tired

    Themys have a good weekend and do something that you enjoy.


  • Aw, it was rubbish and wet here....I have a good weekend planned! Hope you do too?

  • Hi i thought i was a member,my name does not register,i am isolated as it is,sorry just feeling sorry for myself,i am fed up today,no hope,future,my head is fried sun or no sun,i shouldnt have watched alot of tv,i am bluesy as it is,oh well,the dreaded self pity cya

  • Yes early night for me too (as ever ) Earlier went to my volunteering which I enjoyed though I always get nervous before I go :) Gemmalouise

  • Sleep well Gemma, I feel tired today and went for a lie down at 6pm

    Hannah x

  • Katie and I are singing along to the Frozen soundtrack! It's way past her bedtime and it's way too loud, but we don't care! :p

  • Ha, bit different to the soundtrack here - reckon Katie'd like Alice Cooper?!

  • SOUNDS COOOOOL! How are you doing?

  • Is that "Let It Go" Sing-Along Version? Can I join you? :p

  • Yes, you'll be a better singer than me, that's for sure! X

  • Argh, what have I unleashed on the world?! :p

  • Yes I see all the kids love " Frozen" . Ah it will be back to school next week

    Give her a cuddle from me. Extra one.

    Hannah x

  • I will do right now! X

  • What's Frozen??

  • Im just sat relaxing now. Just done internet shopping at Tesco to collect tomorrow. I hate going in the shop.

    I dont mind doing the internet shop as I can listen to music at the same time. But no singing here!

    I started a course this morning about stress control. It went well but I think I have heard it before. I did CBT a few years ago. I will stick with this as I think it is good to be reminded about strategies.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend and that you all do something you enjoy.

    Im off to the gym in the morning and out with the family in the afternoon.


  • David your great to go the gym. You sound in good form.

    Have a nice weekend. I'm going to Cinema with friend on

    Sunday and cooking supper tomorrow for us, I like cooking.

    My plan is to have a walk in the morning. David nice talking

    To you and take care.


  • That sounds lovely too Hannah, a good balanced weekend. x

  • That all sounds great, productive and balance. Glad you are ok. x

  • It's been catching up with eastenders, the call centre and masterchef for me along with a cheeky couple of wines :-)

    Jules x

  • Sounds good :) but not good for the waistline - which I have to watch :(

  • I like Masterchef too, they are all so talented, i enjoy cooking but I would

    Be a wreck. Lol

    Hannah x

  • Hi

    Well I did nothing! I had a lovely coffee morning with a local fibromyalgia support group - it was the first time I have been and I met some of the people who were really welcoming and mutually supportive, a bit like on this site really!

    Today I went with my husband for lunch at a friend's house which was pleasant and tomorrow we are going to a lovely concert in an old city centre building in Manchester, a Weslyian chapel that has just been fully renovated and tomorrow will be the first ever concert in its new state so should be interesting and enjoyable.

    Oh, and I have also almost lost the first stone out of five that I hope to lose and my trousers are falling off me - I reckon three and a half inches around the waist!! So I am smiling.

    How is everyone else?

  • Hiya Will. I usually go out Friday night to my local and play dominos with the boys. 3/4 men and me :) We play with 9's for a penny a point. Sounds a riot (not) but I enjoy it. Well I am old now :d x

  • Hey how are you? I was 30 before i realised wrestling wasnt real!DUH!

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