Time simply reflects`

Time simply reflects`

If we hold dear to our heart,those we cherish from the start,

Then the space from beginning to end is simply time we bend,

For our journeys may venture differently and our path a beaten brow,

Its so very important to understand and enjoy now,

Trouble waters rarely allowed to settle,they show bubbling as an effect,

So remember whatever we do,time simply reflects......


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5 Replies

  • Hi

    Thank you for sharing that poem with us.

    Are you new to the site? I don't recall your name. If you are new then welcome. The site offers a place where people suffering from depression can offer each other support, so do write how we can help you when you feel ready.


  • have been on ovacome for a while now...just stretched my wings a little thats all xx

  • Ovacombe? What's that, I haven't heard of it.x

  • :) thanks for sharing x

  • you are very welcome,only darkness can have light......all else is just hopeful you know

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