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Can not cope dismissal trial is a month away and then a two or three weeks to investigate. want to do it but got a job offer depending on police checks which will be fine. Work reference will be ok rang up to check. Want to move on, but at same time cant get over my past of depression and drinking and all the trouble and shame. Also son is a drunken loner. Want to tell partner to put me in a safe place. He is fantastic all this is hurting him. My self worth is on the floor.

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  • Hello

    If you can find a way out of a problem, would it not be a good idea to cut and run for a new life. People work environment are so very important as people spend most of their life there. To have that new chance may may give that boost.

    Talk to your GP, regards your depression, your mood is effecting those around you

  • Even if I win I doubt I will end up in the old job but if I drop the unfair dismissal I will never know. Manager failed duty of care. I was in a terrible state but they didnt send me home. if they had the misconduct would not have happened. Also i should have seen their doctors notes about me before the hearing so that i could respond i have never seen them

  • You can still take on your old employer I understand talk to CAB and they will explain how you can claim damages, you may need a solicitor who deals with employment law. You seemed not to have been advised. An employer has a duty of care towards their employee. You need to take advice. It is a legal matter and you need a report from your GP. and someone who can represent your interests

  • Thanks for understanding. i supplied a doctors note saying i had a history of depression. Also i never saw the notes at the meetings. they could have put anything

  • But things are moving forwards for you. Take hope in that. The case will come to an end, you have a new job on the horizon. You're doing well

  • Thanks told new job i have to work notice, not true, cant start till after appeal.New job waiting for a police check. hope it takes ages. Also feel so ashamed of the misconduct. I was at work and severely depressed. Alcohol was all round me so i just took it and drank it. did it twice. cant believe i did it. 9 unblemished years. People knowing. Also so many other drinking incidents over the years. Why the HELL did i go to work and not sign off sick everything wouid be ok then. dont feel as if i can go on

  • Managed to get my appeal brought forward to next Mon.

  • That is really good news. Just get it over with and then concentrate on building a new and much happier life. it's up to you of course, but do you really want to go through with the appeal, as you have a new job waiting for you? Whatever you decide, I wish you well. Wendy x

  • Thank you for your kindness. If I dont go through with the appeal I will never know, plus I am not a bad person, I was and still am very ill with depression. I want to do it for all people like me. also I miss my job, friends and everything xxxxx

  • Smartbob1 - you certainly don't come across as a bad person to me. Well, if you are determined to go through with the appeal, I am in awe of your courage and strength and I wish you every success xxxxx

  • Thank you, you are so kind xxxxxx

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