Good morning, decision maker phoned, was on phone for hour and half. Is that a bad or good sign?????????

Decision maker phoned, I was on phone for hour and half. She asked about everything, from how often do I leave the house (rarely) to what am I like facing strange people (terrified).

Don't know if that was good or bad being on phone for so long. She was a lot better than the last one who bought up my past.


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6 Replies

  • Well done. At least it is over.

    Just trust in the system


  • I'm glad you have faith in the benefits system David. Obviously you haven't been involved in it very long :) There is lots of stuff if you want to read about it about appauling decisions made over ESA and people who have been told they can work who have actually died just days after this decision as obviously they were already so ill at the time. There have been a lot of suicides too. You weren't to know this and I'm not criticizing you directly of course, as it would be lovely to think the system will look after you. We are much better off in this country than in many others I admit but if you were to look at the points system for ESA it is ridiculous as in general they do not take account of how long you can do something for just that you can do it. For example I could pick up a cardboard box which to them means that I could work. The fact that if I picked up cardboard boxes all day I would then have to have three weeks off to get over it is of no consequence to them. I was lucky and had a lot of advocacy involved with me. My support worker came with me to the tribunal and supported me throughout but it was hell whilst waiting for a decision as had it gone the wrong way I would have lost my current housing which is one of the main things which has made me feel better as it is quiet here unlike the last place which had drug addicts all around and loud music day and night.

    Anyway going back to maisiemoo, I don't think the length of the call means anything really but from what you say you did explain well how bad things were for you so fingers crossed they have some sense and make the right decision for you. Gemma X

  • IM with you gemma.

    what I find annoying about the benefits system is all the long winded forms to fill , wanting to know whether you've

    scratched your bum today and when will you be doing it again ?.

    im on esa, a measly 70.pounds a week ,after working hard for 40 yrs.

    decent people get looked down on by the system, addicts and refuge seekers !.

    go to the top of the list.

    rant , over !


  • Maybe I need to clarify over the drug addicts, the thing that was annoying for me is that the guy in the flat opposite me was obviously dealing. (there was one main door and then internal doors and his was opposite mine or should I say his dads) He would have people constantly ringing the bell; he would also lock himself out (or not be allowed a key as i don't think he was even supposed to be there); he would keep shouting up at the flat all the time to his dad to get let in. There were often Police in the flats or trying to get into the flats at varying times of day and night and I found it disconcerting all the uncertainty of it (eg having Police outside my flat door at 3.00am knocking on the door of the flat opposite).There were needles on the stairwell all the time.

    I'm saying all this because I know addiction is a problem in its own way and I don't want to criticise people who are genuinely struggling with these issues. I don't want to criticise refugees either. I was just making a comment on the benefits system really. But even then i do understand that we have so many people ill in our society at the moment and such an ageing population as well that there is a real imbalance and i do understand the problems. We cannot go on supporting people (like me) forever I guess or all the disabled in society as there are more and more. The working population feel rightly fed up about this.

    I don't know what the answer is. I'm not up enough on economics to answer that question. People are living longer but often with serious illnessess such as Alheimers, heart problems and so on and increasingly there seem to be people suffering from "depression" and all sorts of mental health problems. Just to say I did not want to denigrate anyone who is suffering from a drug addiction when their behaviour is not harming others; I was merely talking about the way these things affected me in my previous accomodation.


  • Hopefully good but none of us ever know until the letter arrives. Good luck though.


  • As Gemma says it is near impossible trying to 2nd guess these people - I wish I could say well its a good sign & everything will be fine now but you have to wait it out .....I know the whole thing is **** I have spent days, months worrying over similar issues (I cannot help myself) but be strong stay positive we are all on your side & will help if we can

    Good luck


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