I think i may be depressed but i don't know what to do. Its been going on for about two years now constantly feeling down, crying,

Loss of sleep and then sleeping too much, i have really low self esteem and the smallest thing upsets me. i don't talk to anyone and ive found it hard to write this. i want to find out what's wrong but there are so many problems please help me someone?

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  • Hi, iv suffered depression for years ans its not a nice thing, from what iv read I think you should go and see a doctor befor it gets worse

  • The Big White Wall is free in many areas and they offer online therapy which is all funded by the NHS.

  • What's the Big White Wall please?

  • The above bigwhitewall.com/ looks like an amazing resource if it is available in your area. So it may be worth asking at the doctors or contacting them directly to see if it is available to you. Thanks Fraser, I have not seen this before but think it could benefit thousands. Gemma X

  • Just checked - not available in my area. Not much is!

  • DLA is changing into PIP otherwise known as Personal Independence Payments. Everyone will have to re-apply to be considered eligible for this benefit, so it will not be a personal slight or anything when you don't get your DLA. It will no longer exist. You will have to make a case for how you will use the money provide receipts etc for all the help you get now. It is not personal though; it applies to everyone in the country. Well England and Wales, I don't know about Scotland or S. Ireland. I suggest you look up on it before it happens and get some help. You should have had a letter from them explaining this. It is all due to change over gradually over a 12 month period.

  • Don't think I will get it then. I don't get compassion or empathy anymore. I will just be another statistic and then back to the next big celebrity news -- some famous person gets a new haircut but hairdresser makes mistake and gives him wrong one... public outrage!

    No but seriously though, don't think I will get it.

    And my mum (who has passed away now) would always go to the Citizens Advice with me and so I always felt safe, confident...

  • Bless you Fraser. I didn't want to worry you but I did need to point out to you how the benefits system is changing and it is getting tougher. I have read somewhere that some CAB' s have advocates for vulnerable adults (which it sounds like you are) so it may be worth phoning or e-mailing them to enquire about this. It would seem to me you need some kind of support worker to guide you .

    I am sorry to hear about your mum. It must be very difficult for you now she is no longer there to help you.

  • Hi chloe. I'm no doctor but based on what you wrote, yes you are depressed. But you already know that. The fact you are on here asking for help shows that you want to fight it & you want help. Good girl. Go to your doctor & explain to them (they may or may not be understanding and if they aren't well frankly f#ck em speak to another one, you will know your body/mind far better than they will) I'd also recommend speaking to a trusted friend and just let them know that you sometimes find things a struggle - I'm sure they'll already know. Don't try & sort out all your problems at once. Things can seem really daunting when we look at everything but if you can break it down to manageable sizes you'll be amazed as to how much easier it can be, not making the problems easy but easier to handle.

    Remember - nothing in life worth having comes easy

  • @Stilltrying_

    24 quid a month if not free in your area just yet but you can register your interest, and the online therapy etc and everything is free if it is free in your area, which means you can talk to an actual mental health team privately online, video chat or just text.

  • Yes that's right. I looked it up. Yes if you can get referred then it is free so it is always worth people asking about. (£24 a month to pay privately would be out of most people's reach including mine I agree) I noticed on their title page there are providers very near to me ( I live near Sandwell in the West Mids) so it is something I will research further if not for myself but for people who I know who would really benefit from this right now. I particularly like the online therapy session idea. It would cost £90 if you have to pay yourself so like the site itself out of the reach of most but if it is available through the local NHS as part of the package then this is wonderful news for the many in their current catchment areas.

    Wanted to say as well to chloerose427 well done for being able to post. An online thing seems like it could be good for you as you can post anonymously on these sites but if you are able please do also talk to a doctor or people close to you to let them know how you are feeling as this may help.

  • Please see your doctor as these sound like symptoms if depression. That is how I feel and I have been diagnosed with depression. See your doctor and if you are really low call the Samaritans

  • hi, i think your suffering depresstion. iv had deprestion 20 years. im 47 now. i have ok days and bad days, at moment iv had bad depresstion since december and cant get out ov it. like you am crying, no energy, tired, cant be bothered with any body and its an effort to talk. husband ill and under going tests so he not been able to work for months so only gets £70 sick money, i work part time and m also my mums carer, so at min we no money and strugling to pay bills which makes deprestion worse. my 22 year old just lost his job. no light at end ov my tunnel. dont feel like goin work cos dont wana see or be with people but iv got to go for the money. please go and get help from doctors. i take doslupin which normaly helps and has no side affects for me, it takes the edge off { unless im having situations like im having at min with personal problems. But if i wernt taking my antidepressents i dont think i would be here}.

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