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I don't know what to do

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I am 17 years old and over the past 6 months I haven't felt like myself. I have become distant with my family, I have fallen out with my classmates I feel completely alone. I don't feel the need to go to my GP because I don't want to be called "over dramatic" for doing so. I feel so down all the time, when I get a minute to myself I just feel like crying.

What's wrong with me? Why have I changed so much?! I don't like this person I've become and nobody around me likes her either. Please help me someone, give me some kind of advice.


5 Replies

I suspect it is definitely time to see a GP. Being 17 brings many challenges for everyone but your situation seems much more than that. I don’t very much your GP would consider you “over dramatic “. Other people’s opinions are not worthy of consideration at this time. Praying you get the help you need. Rick

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I agree. Your GP can prescribe an antidepressant to see if that helps. Could just be brain chemistry and there is no underlying psychological reason for your depression.

How is your diet and exercise?

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Sounds to me like maybe you’re going through hormone changes? But please consult with your doctor. Have your doctor check your levels too seecwhichvare too low or deficient. Also the weather can have a big effect on us. We need more sunshine or vitomin D3, have you gone through any major changes. Lately? This can bring on physical internal changes as well. See first what’s going on inside you with help of a doctor. Are you eating enough fruits 🍉 vegetables.

I would definitely recommend going to your GP. The same thing happened to me at 16 but I didn’t think anything of it and put off going to the doctor.

A year later things weren’t getting any better and I went to the doctor, they told me I was suffering from depression and I was prescribed anti-depressants. My doctor told me that the earlier the treatment is started then the easier it will be to recover.

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Medication is one route, but maybe have a holistic view of what’s going on for you, identify the issues, and try to approach what you are thinking about and how you can think more positively in each situation. Often our self esteem crushes how you feel. There are a lot of things going on in teens, so having some coping strategies in place for you. If you have become distant with family, you have chosen this, so can you re think how you feel, maybe saying to someone close in your family, saying I’ve been struggling with the way I feel can we talk about how I feel and maybe you can help me feeling part of the family. A purpose in the family circle and how you can help someone else in the family in other ways. This will make you feel a part of your family and you can feel you have a worth, and that by including yourself in the family your self esteem and mood may well improve. If you withdraw it is hard to change things. Do one thing at a time small steps. You maybe very self conscious and maybe it’s easier to hide. Build your confidence up gradually and maybe reverse what you might be thinking and think other people can and will be feeling like you. Be kind to yourself. Each positive thing you do, will make you feel done achievement. If you have a set back, that’s ok, then step back on once you’re ready to build up the difficulties you have. Try doing some meaningful work or hobbies you May enjoy . One thing or change will lead to you feeling back to yourself or getting through your difficulties into s new phase of your life. Writing form things may be helpful. Situations - how you felt how you reacted , maybe looking how you could have thought and dealt with differently. Then if a situation arises again you can feel with that in a better way for you. There are courses you can go on to help with these issues. Seek help from Gp or local mental health groups ie mind. Re-think. Things never stay the same so I’m sure you can over come this difficult time. Life has its ups and downs and it’s not wrong feeling how you feel. Communicating in various ways will help. Starting a new hobby, no matter how small will give a focus and may break the pattern of dwelling on the way you feel. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll get through this time.

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