Just joined!

Hi to anybody who reads this. I have just joined and hopefully i am writing in the correct place.

Just wanted to vent my feelings somewhere so feel free to stop reading now!

Im in my early thirties and have been engulfed by depression since my school years but this is the first time i've joined up to something online in the hope that somebody may be able to give any advice on what helps them deal with it.

Im in a constant state of feeling completely useless and that I am always doing things wrong so much so that ive quit two very good jobs, and I am determined that it wont happen again.

Im under no illusion that people will have worse issues than me so I apologise if i sound as if I am feeling sorry for myself.

Anyway, rant over! Would love to be able to speak to people so feel free to say hello.

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  • Have you seen your GP about things at all and are you getting any treatment.

    You could also try looking into Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy - which could introduce you to a different way of dealing with your negative thoughts other than getting caught up in them.

    I found Mindfulness: a practical guid to finding peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams and Danny Penman very useful.

    If you haven't seen your GP and do manage to screw up the courage to go - suggest that you try and book a double apointment - just gives you a bit more time which might make it easier for the GP to give you the attention you deserve.

  • Hi

    Talking through the ongoing feelings with someone may help you to understand where the depression comes from and once you know that you will be in a better position to deal with it. You could write about the depression here - when you first felt depressed and what you think contributed to that.


  • Hi Simmo and welcome to the site. It is nice to meet you. Yep we all know about depression here. You don't say whether you have been to your doctors yet. If you haven't please go and get a proper diagnosis. If you are already on anti depressants maybe they need changing. There is lots of treatment out there. There are many different types of counselling. Some of those might help you. Meanwhile come in anytime and rant away. We are all very good listeners .Bev x

  • Certainly I agree, go to the doctor. It might not even be depression but something else.I certainly don't feel useless and worthless all the time and when I'm not in the depressed state I'm actually good at whatever I was to do. Perhaps it might be worth asking the doc for counselling?

  • Firstly thanks for all taking the time to reply! I have been to the doctors and i am currently on anti-depressants and have been for around 12months now. It took me about 12 years to get the courage to go as I thought I was just being soft.

    I have recently applied for counselling and it starts at the end of the month, the only problem with that is the fact that I am not good at talking to people, especially strangers. Im just afraid I will freeze up or end up in a ball of tears (i know im supposed to be a grown man but ah well)!

    Thanks again for the support !

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