I just wanted to thank everybody who was there for me last night, collectively and individually, as I'm probably not being overly-overdramatic when I say it probably saved my life..

Sometimes all it takes is someone to talk to and some kind words to make you feel better and make you realise

things are never quite as bad as they seem, and every problem has a solution..

So thanks so much everyone, I hope I'll be able to do the same for someone else one day..

Lots of love and gratitude, Holly101


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26 Replies

  • There are no problems, just solutions waiting to be found. Knowing that you can make such a difference to the way someone feels is so rewarding. Hope today is a better day for you. Nice picture by the way, you are very pretty x

  • Lol pretty's not the word I would use, I just wanted to put a kinda cheery photo up just to prove the fact that you all managed to get me smiling again ;)

    It's been a better day, still struggling, but aren't we all, or we wouldn't be on here!

    Hows your day going? Xx

  • Yeh I'm good thanks. Just woken up from my second little sleep today though, which is not so good. Don't know how I'll cope next week when I'm back in work and can't have my nana naps! X

  • Aw you'll manage.. You're only having em thenow coz you can! ;)

    I hate going to bed during the day, Dno matter how tired I am, I just won't do it.. I always feel I wake up feeling worse than I did before.. Do you not get that? and do you still manage to get to sleep at night?

    Saying that, I did go through a period for a while when all I did was sleep! I could easlily sleep 20 hours a day, it was bliss lol.

    Probably not very good for you, too much of anything is never good is it.. Xx

  • I never sleep! Well I do, just not at the times I'm supposed to! A typical night for me is go to sleep at about 11.30, wake up at 2, then 3.30, then 5, then 7, when I have to get up for work! That's why I sleep in the day when I'm off - to catch up! X

  • Ok ok no need to get all defensive ;) No, if you get that kinda broken sleep during the night your better catching up during the day while you can!

    I end up 'overriding' it, as I call it, and then end up being wide awake late at night and shattered during the day!

    But recently I've been sleeping good, coz I've been going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time, I find that helps.. Xxx

  • Oh no! Did I sound stuffy? I didn't mean to. It's an ongoing joke for people I know about my lack do sleep! X

  • Haha,no don't worry, I was only winding you up! ;) Xx

  • Holly you are gorgeous, it's good that we can all help each other, that's what life is all about. Put your tootsies ( feet ) up tonight, spoil yourself and have a nice evening.

    Had to put that translation in just in case ye don't understand Irish



  • Lol Irish and Scottish are quite similar so I think I will put my tootsies up and take it easy..

    What about you, you any plans for thenite? xxx

  • One of the things I like about this site is that it's a place for people who would otherwise never meet - just on this thread I think we have people living in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and London - but look what we can do for each other when we're brought together :) sorry I wasn't around last night Holly, wish I had been (was at a work do), but I'm really happy other people were. I told you the world wasn't having you go yet! How are you doing today?

  • I know its great isn't it, there's even someone from New Zeeland on it! And we all understand eachother so well, just shows ye, depression and mental illness knows no class-or geographical differences, we've all got the same sort of things in common!

    Don't apologise for not being here last night, you can only be at one place at a time ;)

    There were so many people that came on and replied, I couldn't believe it, this site really is amazing and it really works!

    It doesn't matter what people say, just being there and knowing people care enough to take the time to help means so much!

    I feel a bit better today, I can face life again for a while ;) So, yes, I'm afraid the world's stuck with me for a wee while longer yet ;)

    How's your day been? Hope it's been a good one!

    Luv and hugs, Holly Xxx

  • The world is lucky to have you Holly :) I'm glad you're feeling better. Strange day. Felt rubbish at work, didn't get much done today. Spent all day wanting to go home. And some stuff going on with a woman that I quite like - you women are strange beings sometimes! :p but I've picked up since leaving work. Now waiting for my boxfit gym class, always good!

  • Ooff us women lol We're nowhere near as bad as yous guys ;) To be honest, I'd forgot you were a guy! Just shows ye, it doesn't matter who you are, man , woman, where your from, what background you come from, things like that really don't matter on here do they!

    No wonder ye didn't get much done at work, there's a woman involved! That explains it all! ;)

    I'm glad you've picked up a bit after work, and your boxfit gym class will make ye feel even better, that's a fact innit, exercise releases serotonin?

    So enjoy, and hope you feel even better after it!

    Speak soon, Luv Holly x

  • You are welcome Holly. Your picture is nice. Hope you have had a good day. I went to the gym and then did some gardening. I managed to get the grass cut! David x

  • Well done on getting that grass cut! bet ye feel good after it don't ye?

    And don't worry about it growing back again, at least it'll give ye something to do again ;)

    Hope you've had a good day too and enjoyed the gym. I'm glad I've met ye David, you seem a very quiet, but nice and pleasant person.

    And you were the first one to come to my rescue last night, even though you were shattered! Speak again soon,

    Love, Holly x

  • Hi Holly Yes I feel satisfied when I look at the garden now. Thats the up side of doing jobs. Helping you made me feel good too. Thanks David x

  • Ha didn't I say that; 'I bet you feel good after having done that?' I feel the same the very odd time I do some housework or something, its a sense of achievement innit..

    Plus it makes things looks nicer, your grass, and my flat ;) Am glad it made you feel good helping me too, coz I just can't put into words how much it meant to me.. Especially someone I'd never even spoke to, and I could tell you were really tired as well!

    Enjoy your evening David, you anything planned? Xx

  • Just been to visit my nephew and his new wife. Been looking at wedding photos for two hours. Glad im home now. Good night David x

  • Ooff that sounds like a long time to be looking at photo's! ;) That's nice though, young love eh.. Bet ye were glad to get home! I had an early night last night, doesn't always help though, feel even more tired now!

    Hope you have a good day! Speak soon David,

    Love Holly Xx

  • Great photo and lovely smile. So good to hear that you were helped by everyone. That's what the site is for and everyone is so very nice. Hope that you have had a good day. Good afternoon from downunder. xx

  • It's a wonderful site, it really helps people, it definitely helped me the other night!

    I think its nighttime downunder just now, am I right? So wishing you a goodnight and hope you've had a good day :)

    Love, Holly xx

  • What a lovely photo xx

  • lol thanks, everybody keeps saying that but it was just one I happened to have on my computer, and I wanted to give yous all a smile to show my gratitude for everybody's help the night before!

    I wouldn't say it was a lovely photo though!

    How are you? Haven't heard from you for a while.. Hope you're ok! xx

  • Hi Holly

    I'm glad you are ok but sorry I missed your needing support - I've been out and about all week and hardly looked on here for days. How are things with you now?

    I'm feeling ok this week, it looks as though I will be able to get re-registered as a therapist (I let it lapse) and am looking forward to working with clients again, otherwise everything is much the same but my mood has been helped by even the very low dose of meds.

    It's lovely to hear you manage to pick yourself up and be so positive again after having a bad time, it's lovely that you are able to value people's support so much, shows you are able to love!


  • Hi Sue!

    I was just wondering where you'd been the other day! I'd seen the odd post here and there but not much..

    I know, everybody was so lovely, I really don't know what I would've done without them as I really was in quite a state.. But thanks to everybody that was there for me, gave me their time and their

    kind words and support, I felt a whole lot better the next day!

    And don't worry or be sorry you weren't there, I know you would've been the first one to be there if you could! That's just the kind of person you are :)

    Its good to hear you're feeling ok, and that's great news your getting re-registered as a therapist!!

    Congratulations! That's a good sign that you're interested in doing things again as well isn't it?

    I'm chuffed for ye :)

    Speak soon Sue,

    Love, Holly x

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