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Anti-PD tahini dip recipe - YUM!


I was fasting yesterday so I couldn't wait to try this recipe from the sesaminol post inspired by faridaro's

Makes 2 servings:

1/4 cup Organic tahini

2 tsp Mannitol

1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

1/2 tsp Calcium citrate powder - to bind oxalates, optional

Optionally add a sprinkle of salt to taste

Optionally mix in 1 tablespoon of freshly ground Flaxseed (for omega 3 balance, also high in beneficial lignans)

I ate it with some vegs and greens using the Tahini concoction above as a dip and it was awesome! Our gut bacteria will help ferment the included lignans and fibers to provide us with health benefits as we continue to feed them to thrive. Sesame seeds contain lignans in the form of both aglycons and their glycosides. Sesaminol glycosides are hydrolyzed by β-glucosidase enzyme activity of enteric bacteria to give active sesaminols in our gut.

"Deglucosylation of lignan glucosides by intestinal bacteria is the first step of lignan metabolism in the digestion tract of mammals...intestinal bacteria remove glucose from lignan glucosides and transform lignan aglycons into metabolites designated enterolignans...The conversion involves four steps: deglycosylation, demethylation, dehydrogenation, and dehydroxylation. In addition, one or two reduction steps are involved, depending on the type of lignan."

Tahini -

Mannitol -

Ceylon cinnamon -

Vanilla -

If you're interested in maximizing sesaminol, it may be found in the highest amount in geminated sesames, so making your own tahini using soaked/sprouted unhulled seeds (hulled won't sprout) will be optimal while decreasing the phytic acid to increase nutrition. At least soak the seeds for 8hr to overnight then drain, or wait until the little roots start to show before use.

Photo source:

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that looks fantastic! Where does one buy calcium citrate powder? The health food store?

rescuema in reply to Oceanwind

I get mine through Amazon, but you can simply take any source of calcium of your choice along with the meal or omit it if you don't tend to eat a high oxalate diet and drink plenty of water.

Can I just mix it all into some onion dip? Or fold it into something like a salad dressing like ranch or green goddess or a sweet french? And you know, if you are doing tahini there's nothing like a little honey to add into it.

rescuema in reply to MarionP

Sure why not! You can even add chickpeas among others and make it into a hummus.

rescuema in reply to MarionP

Just noticed your edit - yes, in fact, faridaro originally used honey but I substituted it with mannitol for less sugar and anti-PD effect. You can use whichever you prefer as long as you can burn it off.

Tahini with Calcium citrate!? Tahini is one of the foods with highest amount of calcium. PwPd should be very careful with taking calcium.I don’t think that is a good mixture.

rescuema in reply to Kia17

I know, but the calcium citrate (around 125mg elemental calcium per serving) is only used to bind the high oxalates (also bad for PD) in both sesame and cinnamon, and it's still way below the daily calcium allowance at 2 TBSP, total below 250mg including the bound unabsorbable calcium. This can be adjusted based on your other food intake, calcium status, and vitamin D/C supplementation that enhance calcium absorption. You can alternately supplement with potassium citrate as discussed earlier on the sesaminol thread.

More on excess calcium -

Kia17 in reply to rescuema

Making a chemistry lab to eat tahini?. Enjoy your tahini dip. Just kidding.

rescuema in reply to Kia17

haha, as mentioned, got inspired by faridaro!

Yum yum!

I just started to learn about oxalates yesterday.

Oh my goodness, yet another thing to consider! As usual, there is conflicting info on oxalates.

Any resource or info recommendations Rescuema?

And I’m fasting today too!

I fast 16 hours daily but today I started a 23 hour fast. How long do you go?

I assume you are dairy free? I am but then I was reading about how ghee is a great source of butyrate for the colon.

So I sautéed onions and cabbage in ghee, avocado oil, and added apple skins.

rescuema in reply to cclemonade

I used a lot of ghee at one point during strict Keto in the past but I really don't like it now and have not used it except recently when I was following an Egyptian Doro Wat recipe. I use some organic grass-fed butter otherwise for flavoring but mostly cook with organic olive and avocado oils.

No, I'm not dairy-free, and I occasionally consume a bit here and there, definitely not a lot.

Which part did you find conflicting? I just googled and these came up that are relevant -

I fasted just one day yesterday, and I had trouble going to sleep (not good!) but felt much better by morning. I tried fasting many days in the past but it caused scary heart palpitation one time so I had to break the fast in the middle of the night, and ever since then I don't attempt that anymore but that was also around the time I over-detoxed and was quite depleted. I have a very high metabolism and lose weight too fast.

cclemonade in reply to rescuema

That Bullet Proof Coffee guy said things in an interview that contradicted others I had listened to. And Terry Wahl, from what I’ve gathered thus far appears to have no knowledge of oxalates at all. Interesting considering she has her “protocol.”

If I start my fast too early in the day I can’t sleep either.

I take magnesium in the evening and if it’s been too long since I’ve eaten my heart has issues as well.

I don’t know if supplements break my fast but I need a couple before bed.

rescuema in reply to cclemonade

It depends on supplements, but generally, they don't break a fast unless caloric. For a one day fast, I don't supplement at all to give my organs a break.

What did the guy say? I'm always interested in hearing opposing opinions.

; )

I’m embarrassed to say I don’t entirely remember

It was in a talk with Dr. Mark Hyman.

I was peddling on my bike so I did not take notes as I usually do.

It was in reference to not worrying about eating too much raw kale. But I don’t remember how he justified it.

I love Dr. Ronda Patrick. I was going to see if she has info on it.

rescuema in reply to cclemonade

No problem. I know Dr. Patrick is a big fan of spinach/kale/chard smoothie that makes me cringe so I doubt it, at least not yet while she's so young. If I remember correctly, I think Dr. T Wahl has a recently revised book edition that may discuss oxalates - I'm sure based on feedbacks.

It is possible that the oxalate issue only materializes under certain conditions - I know that B1, B6, biotin and other mineral deficiencies, high omega 6/protein, pathogenic gut microbiome, antibiotics use, heightened liver oxidative stress, or certain genetic SNPs, etc., could contribute to it. Regardless, it's not something to ignore, especially when high oxalates can cause gut dysbiosis in itself.

For those of you who would like to try Sesame seeds in Molasses (Molasses is also called in India as Jaggery in English or Gud in Hindi). Can be very addictive - so be careful not to eat too many, especially if you are diabetic.

Also if you have any Indian Grocery store close by, it should be available in the snack section. But make sure it has molasses and not sugar in it. (also comes in sugar instead of molasses)

[ Product description

Jabsons Premium Traditional Indian Sweets. Sesame Balls made in Jaggery.

Ingredients: Sesame Seed (Til 60%) , Jaggery (Gud)]

That looks yummy too! If I saw that yesterday while I was fasting, I may have ordered it too, just as I did with everything Despe was tempting me with. LOL

Looks pretty high in sugar (although I can't read the label) so I'll pass for now and take your word for it.


You can prepare at home. Easy peasy. ( Note : Jaggery is Molasses - you can get it in any Indian Grocery store; Ghee is clarified butter). You can control the amount of Molasses as per your needs. Trust me you will be addicted. I can guarantee it ! LOL

I made it after an hour running session with what I have in my kitchen and OMG this is dangerous and so tasty!

My ingredient revision:

1/2 cup unhulled organic sesame seeds

1/2 tbsp ghee

1/4 cup dark molasses (no Indian store near me for Jaggery)

1 tbsp organic PB2 peanut butter powder (I didn't have peanuts)

Omitted water

I think I'll try lowering my liquid molasses even further to 1/8 cup next time, but these would be very tasty sweet little treats for anyone. Thanks!

I knew you would like it. Very addictive it is. The roasting of the seeds lends it that aroma. Enjoy ! You can even spread it on a plate (instead of making balls) and cut it using a knife when it is just lukewarm.

I mindlessly ate almost a 1/3 of it last night (because I couldn't stop) using an excuse that my hour run makes up for it, but my glucose reading was slightly elevated this morning. Dangerous! 😅

Yum! That looks really good, thank you.

Thank you. I have had a heap of sesame seeds with my cereal in the morning but this gives great variation.

rescuema in reply to Getz

We’ll try to find even more variations. I love sesame and use in cooking often.

When you eat whole seeds, it might be better to put them in a grinder to crush them before eating or they’ll come straight out unless you take time to chew them very throughly. In Japan, some restaurants serve sesame seeds in a mortal so that you crush them with a pestle to go with certain fried meals.

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