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Report: Ceylon Cinnamon Relieves Parkinson's Motor Impairment. Evidence Suggests Remedy of Underlying Disease

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Image credit: Can cinnamon spice down autoimmune diseases?

This post includes both personal observation and evidence from the medical literature.

Using The Correct Cinnamon:

There are two varieties of cinnamon. One is Ceylon cinnamon, also known as cinnamomum verum or cinnamomum zeylanicum, which has an acceptable safety profile. The other variety of cinnamon, cassia cinnamon, contains coumarin, a blood thinner. It is also called cinnamomum aromaticum, and is grown in Southeast Asia. It should not be consumed in quantity. Ceylon cinnamon is readily available at Amazon and elsewhere. It is milder than cassia cinnamon, which makes it easier to ingest in quantity. In what follows, "cinnamon" refers to Ceylon cinnamon.

Personal report


Date started cinnamon treatment: November 6, 2020. UPDRS score at start of treatment: 35

My score had been 25 prior to a misadventure with another treatment. Cinnamon treatment improved my status as compared to before that event: UPDRS score as of completion of treatment on December 29, 2020: 20. (For those unfamiliar with UPDRS, lower is better)

My main symptom is motor impairment which has been much improved. I do have some tremor which is unchanged.

Medication Reduced:

I am very sensitive to levodopa - too much interferes with my walking, causing my leg on the affected side to be too tight and unable to move easily. Levodopa dosage prior to starting cinnamon treatment: 100 milligrams 3x daily, as Carbidopa / levodopa ER. Exercise with medication in "ON" state. Levodopa dosage at December 29, 2020: 100 milligrams 2x daily. I now exercise in the "OFF"/unmedicated state because any additional levodopa is too much.

Update December 2021: after one year without three grams daily cinnamon, my levodopa need has crept back up to 250-300 milligrams levodopa daily. I recently resumed taking one gram of cinnamon daily. If that does not help I will try an increase of my dosage.

Motor improvements:

Dexterity has been restored to my affected arm - I am now able to manipulate buttons equally well with my affected hand. I walk more easily – A person who had not seen me for several weeks remarked I was no longer dragging my leg. These abilities are an improvement over my status prior to the misadventure I mentioned above, as is the need to exercise in the off state.

Personal observations indicating underlying disease condition is improved:

In past attempts at herbal remedies, motor improvement came at a cost - dystonia, which was unacceptable, and indicated some adverse change was occurring as well as favorable change. That has not been the case with cinnamon. Improvement was gradual since the start of this treatment, and improvement has been maintained in the month since end of treatment. This is unlike a symptom reducing medication that merely increases the overall amount of dopamine present.

Adverse effect:

During most of the seven week treatment period I took 3 g of cinnamon daily, mixed with food over the course of the day, without adverse effect. During the final week I increased my dosage to 6 g daily which apparently triggered a flare of a chronic infection that had been in remission. Inflammation can serve a useful purpose. Reducing it too much can be too much of a good thing.

Approximately one year later I have been able to resume cinnamon treatment at 2 grams daily without adverse effect.

Evidence From The Medical Literature

Mixed effect on inflammation:

According to animal data at, cinnamon is pro-inflammatory in macrophages, an immune cell that exists outside of the brain. Table 3 in this study lists macrophage messenger RNA levels, as a multiple of baseline, as a result of exposure to:

"CPE" - cinnamon polyphenol extract. "LPS" - lipopolysaccharide, a component of bacterial cell walls and one of the most inflammatory compounds in existence.

.......................CPE............ LPS

TNF ..............6.2 ..............48

COX2 ..........3.4 ..............532

IL-6............... 3.2 ...........1865

Although the cinnamon extract was not as inflammatory as LPS, it did promote inflammation according to this study.

On the other hand, according to this study, cinnamon essential oil had an anti-inflammatory effect on the microglia, which are immune system cells inside the brain: "Our results showed that TCA [cinnamon essential oil] significantly ... decreased iNOS and COX-2 protein expression level ...It also reduced LPS-induced mRNA expression of iNOS, COX-2, and TNFα."

According to this study:

Can cinnamon spice down autoimmune diseases?

" Recent studies indicate that cinnamon either in powder or extract form and NaB are capable of modulating different autoimmune pathways as well as protecting animals from different autoimmune disorders...Accordingly, in a recent randomized double-blind clinical trial ...oral cinnamon (2000 mg/patient/day) treatment significantly reduced the disease activity [of rheumatoid arthritis] score, visual analog scale, and tender and swollen joints counts [18]... rodent results suggest cinnamon as a possible complementary and alternative medicine for MS [multiple sclerosis]...Decrease in pro-inflammatory molecules by cinnamon... Decrease in inflammatory infiltration by cinnamon:.." Further details of the auto immune down regulation from this study shown in the title image.

Because of mixed data with regard to inflammation in the body, caution is in order for those with inflammatory or autoimmune conditions.

Safety profile, other than inflammation:

There is a case report of cinnamon causing edema: If you experience edema after starting cinnamon then you should stop and cinnamon is not for you.

In a study of diabetics here: 10 patients each took 3 or 6 g of cinnamon daily for 40 days without any adverse effects reported:

"Results: After 40 days, all three levels of cinnamon reduced the mean fasting serum glucose (18-29%), triglyceride (23-30%), LDL cholesterol (7-27%), and total cholesterol (12-26%) levels; no significant changes were noted in the placebo groups. "

This is great, but it can be adverse for those suffering from hypoglycemia.

In another study, here: 30 subjects participated in a three-month escalating dose study. At the final month they took a daily capsule of cinnamon extract equivalent to 6 g of cinnamon - which is to say concentrated cinnamon. Four suffered digestive upset, and two dropped out of the study for that reason. No other adverse effects were reported. We are not taking cinnamon extract, and mixing cinnamon with food or drink minimizes the likelihood of digestive upset.

Animal studies found excellent safety, which was reviewed here:

Therapeutic effect on Parkinson's :

Researcher Kalipada Pahan has spent many years studying the effect of cinnamon on Parkinson's and published numerous studies, most recently here:

"The present investigation underlines the importance of a naturally used spice and flavoring agent viz. cinnamon in reducing α-syn deposits in transgenic mice expressing mutant A53T human α-syn. Upon oral administration, cinnamon markedly reduced the level of insoluble α-syn in nigra, hippocampus and brain stem of A53T mice... Glial activation plays an important role in the pathogenesis of various neurodegenerative disorders including PD... and we found suppression of microglial and astroglial activation in the nigra of A53T mice upon cinnamon treatment. Moreover, neuroprotective proteins like DJ-1 and Parkin are known to reduce the formation of Lewy bodies in the CNS. Accordingly, we observed upregulation and/or normalization of DJ-1 and Parkin in the nigra of A53T mice by treatment with cinnamon...

"Quantification of α-syn immunostaining indicated a significant reduction of α-syn in cinnamon-treated mice relative to the vehicle-treated group...cinnamon treatment decreased the level of insoluble, but not soluble, α-syn in the nigra ofA53T mice... Mice were treated with cinnamon (100 mg/kg body wt/d) ... via gavage for 60d. "

Adjusting for metabolic rate as set forth here: the mouse dosage is equivalent to 8 mg/kg body wt/d for a human, about .5 g for a 60 kg (132 pound) human. This may or may not be an effective human dosage.


I am not an M.D., just a fellow member of the Parkinson's club. I cannot offer any guarantees, nor assume liability. If you try the cinnamon treatment and some adverse effect arises you should stop.

Avoid potential Interaction with Covid and Covid vaccination:

Since the interaction with Covid and Covid vaccination is unknown, take a break from cinnamon treatment if you suspect you have Covid-19 or if you receive a Covid vaccination, and stay off of cinnamon until all signs of inflammation have subsided.

Suggested Cinnamon Dosage Range:

.5 – 3 g of cinnamon daily, added to food or drink. One gram of cinnamon is approximately one half level teaspoon. I strongly recommend getting a sensitive scale for accurate dosing. If you decide to go with the higher-end dosage, I suggest it be divided into two or three portions over the course of the day.

Avoid High Temperatures:

I find that the best way to consume cinnamon is to add it to something I am eating or drinking. It is best to do so just before consuming. High temperatures can cause chemical changes in cinnamaldehyde, the active ingredient:

" trans-Cinnamaldehyde, the principal component of cinnamon flavor, is a potent antimicrobial compound present in essential oils such as cinnamon.... starting at ∼60 °C, pure cinnamaldehyde undergoes a temperature-dependent transformation to benzaldehyde under the influence of heat"

Cinnamaldehyde, the active ingredient in this treatment, is a volatile compound - the reason for the lovely aroma of cinnamon. Heating tends to evaporate it, which smells great, but will reduce the amount that gets into your body.

Keeping track:

You can self administer the UPDRS (Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale) to track your progress. This will not be as objective as having an observer administer the test, but for tracking any changes it will suffice. If you choose to do this, I suggest omitting the back pull test, even if you do have a partner available for this, because there is the danger of falling and injury. The UPDRS can be accessed here:

I hope this helps!


What brand of cinnamon to use? I have no particular insight as to any brand being better than another. Here are couple brands I have used that seemed to be satisfactory:

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Wow this is great information. Thank you!

Thanks so much for this PB, greatly appreciated!

Thank you for this park-bear! There is another forum member from Italy using cinnamon, but I don't think he has reported any updates other than to say he has been using it for quite sometime. I can't remember his name as he does not post often, but it has been years. I wish he would update on his experience too!

On a related note, Ceylon cinnamon is superior tasting to the common cinnamon cassia and the other two common ones. A much smoother taste imo. I take Ceylon cinnamon in capsules @ 600 mg each, which may be useful for those who are not wild about the taste of cinnamon. Wait, is that even possible??? 😜😜😜


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ladya2020 in reply to chartist

Please tell me more. How many capsules per day for how long? Have you noticed improvement?

SAGoodman profile image
SAGoodman in reply to chartist

Art thanks for the option! I'm not much of a fan of cinnamon, so the capsule would be for me. Can you tell me what dosage you take?

chartist profile image
chartist in reply to SAGoodman

I don't have PD so I just use low dose to help maintain glucose levels along with other things I am taking, but will bump up to their recommended 1200 mg dose if I get crazy with sweets.

park_ bear can give you a better answer and he has experimented and did mention that overdoing it is not a good idea!



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park_bear in reply to chartist

The minimum effective dosage for improvement of Parkinson's is unknown territory. There is also the practical matter how many capsules a day a person would care to take. About 600 milligrams will fit into a size 00 capsule. So three grams a day would mean five capsules daily. I am currently experimenting with a lesser dosage – one gram daily, which would be about two capsules. However, it is too soon for me to say whether this is sufficient to make a difference in my case.

chartist profile image
chartist in reply to park_bear

Keep us updated!


SAGoodman profile image
SAGoodman in reply to park_bear

Thanks as always Park_Bear! I think I will try 1.2 gram to start and go from there. On another note I have been taking 2g daily of B1 and lately have been having more off moments where my tremors come and go all day, especially in the morning before I take my stack. I am thinking of increasing noon stack to 1.5g in hopes it would last through the night. Thoughts?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to SAGoodman

No harm in giving it a try!

SAGoodman profile image
SAGoodman in reply to chartist

Thank you Chartist! Park_bear did share his vast info with me prior, which is much appreciated! Just would rather use a pill if possible, as in not a fan of cinnamon.

chartist profile image
chartist in reply to SAGoodman

Well the capsules certainly make it easy and fast to get precise dosing without the taste!


Hi park_bear:

You said "My main symptom is motor impairment which has been much improved. I do have some tremor which is unchanged."

"motor impairment" is such a broad term. Can you give specific examples of things that improved (e.g., the specific sections of the UPDRS exam where your score improved)?


park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to

I prefer to keep my answer simple - improved dexterity of my affected arm and improved ability to walk with my affected leg. I still have some some impairment of the leg, but my motor ability of the affected arm seems close to normal.

in reply to park_bear

Simple is good, but I wanted to get a better understanding of what your "Parkinson's experience" is like. For me it is mostly about bradykinesia (slow movement) and tremor on my right side.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to

My tremor is not changed. I have not had major bradykinesia, but I do have the impression I am a bit quicker than before.

Nice research P_B. I just ordered 1lb of ground Ceylon Cinnamon, Nature Vibe brand. Will give it a try. I've always loved Cinnamon - JG

Hello reedboat2, how goes the Ceylon Cinnamon trial?

Seems to be potentially useful, worth looking into.

Finally there is a yummy remedy for PD :) Thank you PB!

It has been known that cinnamon helps to eradicate H. Pylori and some studies indicate the connection between H. Pylori and PD, stating that eradication of H. Pylori improves motor skills in PwP.

Makes you wonder if all PwPs should be screened for H. Pylori?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to faridaro


My consultant did actually recommend being screened for H. Pylori. I'm waiting for my result...

NRyan profile image
NRyan in reply to Smokeypurple

What is the screening for H Pylori? Do they do an endoscopy?

Smokeypurple profile image
Smokeypurple in reply to NRyan

It was a faecal sample...

Despe profile image
Despe in reply to NRyan

I had an endoscopy for GERD. H. Pylori was negative.

ConnieD profile image
ConnieD in reply to NRyan

For my test the lab had me breathe into some kind of bag. Thankfully it was negative

laglag profile image
laglag in reply to Smokeypurple

Keep us informed.

Smokeypurple profile image
Smokeypurple in reply to laglag

Just called the surgery to check if results in and stool sample came back negative for H. Pylori. Interesting that neurologist mentioned it though.

Thank you so much Park Bear! I will be adding more Ceylon Cinnamon with greater confidence now. Since you research in such depth, I'm wondering, do you use resveratrol, lion's mane mushrooms or ashwagandha powder? In his book Healthy Brain Toolbox, Dr. Ken Sharlin recommends all those I just mentioned. I have been eating via actual mushrooms and via mushroom powder the lion's mane. I am also interested in Cascara (Coffee cherry) because of its high antioxidant properties. Have you heard of it?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to

Thanks for the kind words. Sorry not using any of the ones you mentioned.

AaronS profile image
AaronS in reply to

Reservatrol is good but look up pterastilbene I think its called, I may need correction there

in reply to AaronS

Thank you Aaron. I will. I just zoomed in on your photo for the first time. You have a little strawberry blonde! I was a strawberry at that age. These two might be common on HU but L-taurine and Citicoline are good.

I’m determined to keep myself taped together for my kids.

in reply to AaronS

Pterastilbene does look to be better! Thank you!

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Millbrook in reply to

Getz posted on coffee cherry increasing BDNF by 141%. My husband is now on his 3rd bottle of coffee cherry by swansons.

Millbrook profile image
Millbrook in reply to

Coffee cherry was recommended by Getz as it is supposed to increase BDNF by 141%. My husband was taking it for a few months but I have stopped it in favor of melatonin.

He has continued with probiotic Miyarisan 588 which is clostridium butyricum isolated from fecal biome. This particular type of probiotic helps with vascular dementia as well.

Miyarisan is the only product with long safety record.

Thank you Millbrook! Such great info! Much appreciated! I’m wondering, no more coffee cherry, how about EGCG or green coffee instead?

So 3 to 6 g is 1 teaspoon to a tablespoon?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to MissRita

One the level teaspoon would be about 2 g. The level tablespoon would be about 6 g. Best to measure with a scale.

MissRita profile image
MissRita in reply to park_bear


rescuema profile image
rescuema in reply to MissRita

I just measured my 1 level tsp and it was 3g, so probably varies per product and moisture content.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to rescuema

Thanks for documenting the variability. Why it is important to use a scale!

laglag profile image
laglag in reply to park_bear

I'm anxious to try the Ceylon Cinnamon. I sent this to you because I respect your opinion. So, no hurry on sending your opinion. Do you believe the powder to be better than capsules? I've attached a few products from Amazon. Do you have any pros and/or cons on either one? Is it better to stay away from the other added antioxidants in the first capsule? The first link I sent sounds like a "super-pill"?

Thank you,


park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to laglag

I personally prefer the powder because it can be mixed with food instead of adding yet another capsule to the ones that I already take. Plus less chance of digestive upset.

Regarding the first link, there are half a dozen other ingredients in addition to cinnamon. If you try it you are doing a different experiment than just taking the cinnamon.

I've been using about 2 grams of Ceylon cinnamon a day for a few y ears now. I'm not as scientific as Park Bear in monitoring and reporting results, but I can tell you that my symptoms have pretty much stabilized. This is something that is simple to do without putting another drug into your system. Why not try it?

laglag profile image
laglag in reply to SonarsMom

What brand do you use?

SonarsMom profile image
SonarsMom in reply to laglag

I've bought different brands through Amazon. I only buy organic and depend on the reviews before I purchase.

MissRita profile image
MissRita in reply to laglag

I just bought a bag from Frontier.

ladyaudree profile image
ladyaudree in reply to SonarsMom

May I ask what you weigh? Thinking about the dosage if I try it. I am a small woman 115 lbs.Thanks

SonarsMom profile image
SonarsMom in reply to ladyaudree

I weigh 160.

Thanks PB! This was on my list of things to do since I read that Palan article a month or so ago - now actioned!

Thanks for pointing out cinnamon to me. I have been taking the 3g/day. It took about 5 min to decide to do it as I love cinnamon. And how is it working? I have been feeling good. (I take a lot of other stuff as well so I can't say for sure...this is a therapy I can enjoy and it will crack me up if it ends up the the cure for PD is something so available, inexpensive and well loved.

MissRita profile image
MissRita in reply to pmmargo

Hope! 🙏🏼

MissRita profile image
MissRita in reply to pmmargo

How do you take it?

pmmargo profile image
pmmargo in reply to MissRita

Dear Rita,

Orally? I should keep an open mind though. It is in a pill from HerbTonics 1500mg per pill. Amazon.

Hugs, Paul

PS You can still taste it a bit even though the cellulose.

MissRita profile image
MissRita in reply to pmmargo

I assumed oral but I just meant do you just do teaspoons in water or do you do capsules etc.

pmmargo profile image
pmmargo in reply to MissRita

Sorry just being silly me.

MissRita profile image
MissRita in reply to pmmargo

Lol It’s all good

KERRINGTON profile image
KERRINGTON in reply to pmmargo

Hello ! Many months later I'm wondering how you and others are doing after taking cinnamon ? Hopefully improved !

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to KERRINGTON

Personally, after a very long hiatus, I felt like I was starting to lose ground. So I have restarted cinnamon in a dosage range of 1 to 2 grams daily. I seem to be tolerating that okay and it seems to be helping.

Lizzy9 profile image
Lizzy9 in reply to park_bear

Hello PB ~ How do you take that much cinnamon in food? I’ve tried the powder for my HwP & he chokes on it.

When you are taking it cocdidtsntly do you ever take a holiday? I was just reading somewhere that every six weeks you should take a week off. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you for your help & thoughts!

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to Lizzy9

I mix it well in a bowl of oatmeal. Ceylon cinnamon is mild flavor so it is not very noticeable. No reason to take a holiday with this treatment if it is working.

Lizzy9 profile image
Lizzy9 in reply to park_bear

Thank you! I guess we’ll start it up again and make hot cereal a regular on our menu.

Have a fabulous day!

Not to be taken like this!

Sorry I couldn’t resist and it made me laugh!

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rescuema in reply to Buckholt

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Gave me some wrinkles. Hillarious!

MissRita profile image
MissRita in reply to Buckholt


Park Bear I’m commenting again bc I can’t help myself. I am grateful for your research and your scientific approach. And it encourages others like myself to pursue doing the same.

I have cinnamon essential oil. Worth trying?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to jombi

Cinnamon is cheap and no need to add another variable.

Thanks for the pioneering effort on Ceylon Cinnamon for PD. Will of course be on this trail. 🌺🙏🏾🌺

But it has been such an embarrassment of riches these last few months that I am going to be late to the party.

(1) There is my personal Niacin/Butyrate project for *gut barrier strengthening and inflammation reduction*. Started Niacin mid October 2020 with good results on symptom relief for Bradykinesia by early January 2021. The Butyrate is in the cupboard. Intake starts this weekend.

(2) There is the High Dose Melatonin project, being pursued: defensive measure against *REM sleep behavior disorder*. On going but have not arrived at the therapeutic range yet: 1mg per kg. This suggested by chartist

(3) The Nrf2 project: broccoli seed, broccoli sprout, moringa, all potent food sources for *Nrf2 activation*. This suggested by wriga. I am using moringa powder to make a cold tea. Project just off the ground.

(4) I have Blue Spirulina Powder - Phycocoyanin, in the cupboard. Mark F. McCarty, a health researcher suggest that superoxide production by the enzyme NADPH oxidase can be down-regulated with spirulina or phycocyanobilin-enriched spirulina extracts. Superoxide reacts with Nitric oxide to produce the deadly *Peroxynitrite* radical. Start date in a month or two.

(5) And now this - Ceylon Cinnamon for PD *motor impairment*. Needless to say I have surveyed Amazon and put the desired product on my shopping list. Will order shortly. And once it arrives I will replace the Cassia Cinnamon I use with Ceylon Cinnamon and continue use of cinnamon in the same manner as I currently do, until I spring for the therapeutic dose.

Keep it coming guys: the future so bright, I got to wear shades


Melatonin scavenges peroxynitrite, which is at elevated levels in PwP.


So good to know 🌺 Seem to have missed this ✨🙏🏾✨

Thanks Casey!

Particularly interested in your butyrate and moringa results. Please keep us posted.

Will do my friend. Will do📌

in reply to park_bear

Park Bear, do you know of any reason why I shouldn’t mix the cinnamon with turmeric? Do you think that’s okay? This morning I had the strongest coffee of my life with 1 tsp of cinnamon, 1 tsp of turmeric, 1 tsp cacao and black pepper. Do you think combining with these other nutrients is okay?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to

No conflict as far as I know. Add cinnamon just before consumption to minimize heating.

laglag profile image
laglag in reply to

While searching for Ceylon Cinnamon (CC), I came across this supplement & thought it might be helpful. I just ordered CC & will try it first.

Bolt_Upright profile image
Bolt_Upright in reply to laglag

Hello laglag, how goes the Ceylon Cinnamon trial?

laglag profile image
laglag in reply to Bolt_Upright

I started it but didn't stay with it long enough to see any difference.

Too bad Simon Stott doesn't read this forum. Send him your summary Casey.

Thanks for the compliment MBA 🤓.

Some of us know so much that it paralyzes: they already know what ever you propose can’t work.

Some know so little that they do not have a basis for action: in a sense they too are paralyzed.

I like my position on the knowledge tree: I know just enough to be dangerous ✨😀✨

Be sure the spirulina is from a pure good source to be free of BMAA and heavy metals.


Spirulina is a cyanobacteria: emphasis here on ‘bacteria’ 🔬

The contamination is a big problem, the reason why I stopped taking spirulina.

Sydney75 profile image
Sydney75 in reply to rescuema

There is a brand pure Hawaiian Spirulina that is grown in a fresh Hawaiian aquifer with out using pesticides and herbicides. An alternative is fermented chlorella that is grown in a sterilized bio-reactor (lab) brand is Dr. Mercola.

rescuema profile image
rescuema in reply to Sydney75

The Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina is the last brand I used and it's probably what I'd suggest of the ones available as well, though they do use a portion of ocean water outside their control and cannot be certified organic. My personal choice is not to gamble on the many unknowns anymore (despite manufacturers' claims) given the myriad growing global pollutants, and I've even given up on indulging mussels and clams, and lately even sardines due to microplastics. Very sad.

Hello Rescuema, how do you get DHA then without the seafood? What about salmon roe? Anchovies?

I eat salmon regularly, at least once a week. I love ikura but I haven't indulged lately as I've been avoiding sushi. I also use Carlson's Very Finest fish oil (lemon) to make salad dressings and add whole organic flaxseeds. I've been avoiding whole small fish because of the findings such as below.

Oh my how depressing. Why is eating the salmon okay and not the roe? I could see the opposite being true. And I assume then that Carlson’s fish oil must be tested for plastics whereas eating the tiny fish we are eating them with no testing or assurance? This is truly dire because our brains need the DHA!

You can certainly enjoy the salmon roe. I doubt you'd eat enough to matter. I tend to only eat ikura (with quail egg) while enjoying other sushi and simply haven't done that lately. I tend to stick with salmon because other larger fish tend to be tainted with higher levels of mercury. There are myriad good purified EPA/DHA supplements that you could choose to intake as well. It is terrible that oceans are getting so polluted.

It's good to watch documentary "The Toxic Puzzle" (if you hadn't watched it yet) before starting spirulina.

Thanks my friend. I have not seen the film but I am acquainted with the premise on which it builds.

Will take a look- hope they are good storytellers. 🌺

How do you take your cinnamon?

As a flavoring on my oats - such a bland food, highly rated by my daughter, a former champion bodybuilder.

When we bake muffins - a banana/wheat/coconut milk combo - we use as much as a tablespoon per pan.

In both instances the cinnamon is subject to high heat. Will need to make some adjustments for therapeutic use 🌺

For the oatmeal, easy enough to stir in the cinnamon just before consumption

Hi, just curious to see how/if any of these have worked out ! fingers crossed...

Still way off, of a therapeutic dose. Still flavoring - one tea spoon - when porridge cools.

I suspect that it would be hard going at therapeutic levels, because it gets gritty with the product I have.

Do have a relatively expensive brand I bought from Amazon, that I have to try.

Tablets are so much easier to take 🙈

Not sure which substance you referring to, but if it is cinnamon, one teaspoon, which is about two grams, is in the ballpark of a therapeutic dose. The versions of cinnamon I have tried have been fine powders and not gritty.

Ok then - will stop my local version - Ceylon Cinnamon from Grenada, the spice isle of the Caribbean.

I have a 4oz pack ‘Burma Spice’, off Amazon. Will see how it goes 🌺

I got Frontier cinnamon from Amazon. No complaints and at $12 a pound a very reasonable price:

Hello CaseyInsights, how goes the Ceylon Cinnamon trial?

Had porridge for the last three days, with Cinnamon at therapeutic levels.

But I would hardly call it a trial: as this might continue for the next thee days and my spouse (PwP) might up for something else for dinner on the fourth day. 😧

But give it a go. The science is sound. 🌺


If someone, other than you, were to tell me that the every day, dime-a-dozen, run-of-the-mill spice cinnamon would provide me relief in my Parkinson's, I would say, "Spare me, please. Tell it to Ozzie Osborne."

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to MBAnderson


It is an excellent post! Thank you!

"Add cinnamon after food has been cooked so as not to subject it to extended elevated temperatures."

Is a compound in cinnamon heat-sensitive? Do you have a source for this information?

I've been using Ceylon cinnamon for many years but always in hot teas, cooking or baking.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to rescuema

" trans-Cinnamaldehyde, the principal component of cinnamon flavor, is a potent antimicrobial compound present in essential oils such as cinnamon.... starting at ∼60 °C, pure cinnamaldehyde undergoes a temperature-dependent transformation to benzaldehyde under the influence of heat"

rescuema profile image
rescuema in reply to park_bear

Thanks! I just drank 1tsp (3g) in cold water even before seeing your response - yummy but pretty concentrated and my stomach is definitely feeling it afterwards. I think I"ll reduce the dosage to 1/2 tsp or less and see how it goes.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to rescuema

When I consume it in drink I add 1 g to a small cup of almond milk. I do warm it a bit also, but not hotter than I can can comfortably drink.

rescuema profile image
rescuema in reply to park_bear

Probably a good idea to mix with some food. I'm getting a bit of headache now and feeling a bit off - lol, price of self-experiment. It's probably better for my kidneys to consume with some roughage. Almond milk is out for me - I'm sensitive to oxalates.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to rescuema

I am able to consume 3 g without digestive upset by adding it to a large bowl of oatmeal just before eating.

rescuema profile image
rescuema in reply to park_bear

Yes, experiencing digestive upset! haha. I've always added Ceylon to my oatmeal at the end of cooking. I'll let it cool a bit further before adding it from now on.

Rhyothemis profile image
Rhyothemis in reply to park_bear

The active metabolite is benzoate; benzaldehyde converts to benzoate.

"Benzaldehyde is absorbed through

skin and by the lungs, distributes to all well-perfused organs, but does

not accumulate in any specific tissue type. After being metabolized to benzoic acid, conjugates are formed with glycine or glucuronic acid, and excreted in the urine."

Have been giving my mother Ceylon Cinnamon daily, since many years (almost 5 now).

That is so helpful! I’ve been using Ceylon cinnamon for quite a while now, but I don’t think I’m taking enough. So I’m gonna bump it up and see what happens. Thank you so much for all this information! It’s neat to see folks excited about cinnamon and the potential. I’ll start with a higher dosage tomorrow. Thank you!

Cinnamon: Potential Role in the Prevention of Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, and Type 2 Diabetes

I think PD is linked to insulin resistance. Cinnamon helps in this aspect.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to

Yes, cinnamon is helpful in prevention and treatment of type II diabetes:

"RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS— A total of 60 people with type 2 diabetes, 30 men and 30 women aged 52.2 +/- 6.32 years, were divided randomly into six groups. Groups 1,2, and 3 consumed 1, 3, or 6 g of cinnamon daily, respectively, and groups 4, 5, and 6 were given placebo capsules corresponding to the number of capsules consumed for the three levels of cinnamon. The cinnamon was consumed for 40 days followed by a 20-day washout period.

"RESULTS— After 40 days, all three levels of cinnamon reduced the mean fasting serum glucose (18–29%), triglyceride (23–30%), LDL cholesterol (7–27%), and total cholesterol (12–26%) levels; no significant changes were noted in the placebo groups. Changes in HDL cholesterol were not significant"

Although Ceylon cinnamon is slightly lower in oxalates than regular Cassia cinnamon, it still has a high amount of about 31mg in a tsp. Being deficient in certain nutrients such as B1, B6 (P5P), molybdenum will also affect endogenous oxalate synthesis and metabolism. Anyone sensitive to oxalates should be cautious of its adverse effects and possibly complement with calcium citrate or other calcium-rich food to bind the oxalates when increasing cinnamon consumption regularly.

Signs of high oxalates-

"Symptoms of high oxalates include pain, burning, fatigue, muscle aches, foggy brain, frequent urination and kidney stones. The thyroid will also suffer as oxalates can bind to T3 and disturb thyroid function. Oxalates will also reduce glutathione levels and increase oxidative stress, induce histamine release and interfere with sulfate metabolism."

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to rescuema

" Most people get between 200 and 300 milligrams of oxalates daily. If you’re at risk for kidney stones, sources suggest consuming less than 100 milligrams a day. Doctors may also recommend “low-oxalate diets” of less than 50 milligrams daily for some people...

High oxalate foods include:

1. Spinach

Leafy greens like spinach contain many vitamins and minerals, but they’re also high in oxalates. A half-cup of cooked spinach contains 755 milligrams.

2. Soy Products

Products made from soybeans are excellent sources of protein and other nutrients, especially for people on a plant-based diet. However, they are also high in oxalates. A three-ounce serving of firm tofu has 235 milligrams, while 1 cup of soy milk or yogurt can have up to 336 milligrams per serving. "

rescuema profile image
rescuema in reply to park_bear

Spinach (especially) and potatoes are indeed the big ones. Some people sensitive to oxalates will feel even a small amount depending on their status if they happen to also produce it endogenously under oxidative stress. Hyperoxaluria is an increasing phenomenon nowadays, especially with gut dysbiosis and candida.

Thank you, Ceylon cinnamon also lowers blood sugar if you run a little high.


Excellent post with valuable information. I didn't know that cinnamon is heat sensitive. I have been using it in anything edible as I love cinnamon and I have used it heavily all my life. :)

I have been purchasing pure Ceylon cinnamon oil (not essential), and my husband was adding a couple of drops in his breakfast. The cinnamon smell was too intense so he started the powder 3-4 days ago.

Before I boil water for my tea, I add to the water orange peels and a couple of Ceylon cinnamon sticks. Guess I have to stop adding the sticks.

Thank you so much for more info to help with PD. I think, for now, I will save this information to add to my husbands regime after we give the HDT a try & get dosage regulated & see if that works. His anxiety is the most troublesome for him.

Last night we had to go to a family get together & he was feeling anxious. So we took a few minutes before we left & I massaged his tremor foot, we did some deep breathing & I rubbed some homemade magnesium oil on his back (he has chronic back pain) and on his tremor foot. He felt good all evening till just before we left. So I guess this will be our new habit before we go anywhere while we wait for his HCL to arrive.

I just don’t want to start too many things at once even though it’s tempting to run out & get him started on the Ceylon right now.

I take it that the Ceylon doesn’t help with anxiety?

Again thank you for your research & sharing your information & results.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to Lizzy9

I agree with only undertaking one intervention at a time.

Anxiety is not one of my main symptoms so I cannot report the impact of cinnamon.

Back pain can be a Parkinson's symptom and I find it does respond to levodopa.

Thanks for kind words!

delboy381 profile image
delboy381 in reply to park_bear

After how many days can the result be noticed or not?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to delboy381

For back pain responding to levodopa – a couple of hours

delboy381 profile image
delboy381 in reply to park_bear

Sorry, I meant the general effect of cinnamon?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to delboy381

A month or two

delboy381 profile image
delboy381 in reply to park_bear


delboy381 profile image
delboy381 in reply to Lizzy9

I had a similar problem, my advice for anxiety is to let her go don't give her your attention just let her go with affirmation in yourself release it she will start to fade. Also warm cold shower 1 minute warm 30 seconds cold try it.

Hi, for anxiety I recommend trying one of the following, Ashwaganda or L-Theanine or licorice root I use l-theanine daily and it helps

Then I did Ashwaganda if I’m still struggling.

Just started licorice root candies

I started for a different reason and felt oddly relaxed

Hello Matcharoe ~ thank you for the recommendations. He’s already on ashwagandha. I will definitely look into licorice and l-theanine.

Have a fabulous day and blessings ~

SJC16 profile image
SJC16 in reply to Lizzy9

Hi Lizzy, I just wanted to note that when I have tried ashwaganda in the past, it has given me anxiety. (I don't have PD.) For my sister with dystonia/parkinsonism, l-theanine has helped her greatly. She uses Suntheanine chewables. I hope that helps. Blessings on you and your husband, Sue

Lizzy9 profile image
Lizzy9 in reply to SJC16

Thank you. I’ll look into that.

Blessings & have a fabulous day!

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to Lizzy9

For some information on licorice see my write up here:

Licorice - Candy Or Medication?

Lizzy9 profile image
Lizzy9 in reply to park_bear

Thank you PB! Licorice is on my “maybe” list. After reading your article it looks a little tricky & appears that one needs to know what they’re doing so as not to OD on it.

All of this is such tricky business.

Thank you for your help and have a fabulous day!!! Gail

7 Ways to Identify Ceylon Cinnamon from Cassia Cinnamon (Buying Tips)

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to Farooqji

At Amazon the Ceylon cinnamon is clearly designated as such. The Cassia cinnamon has various designations including "Saigon" cinnamon. Contrary to the text at the link the pricing of the two is similar. Also, I personally find the aroma of both varieties of cinnamon to be pleasing.


It has been about a month now since you posted this and I was wondering if you have any further updates on your symptom improvements from Ceylon Cinnamon?


park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to chartist

Even though I have not been able to resume the cinnamon because of the inflammation problem the restoration of dexterity in my affected arm and hand has been maintained. I can manipulate buttons unimpaired with either hand, which had not been the case prior to treatment.

chartist profile image
chartist in reply to park_bear

It is good to know that the results are durable!


Thanks PB think i 'll add some to my porridge. Two great food stufffs cinnamon and porridge. Lovely

I am using Ceylon cinnamon as a tea , my medicine working better when i take Ceylon cinnamon tea .I take 2 cups of cinnamon tea one cup in the morning and one in the evening .

I am taking 4 tablets stalevo 150 mg 4 times a day .

Thank you park_bear for this post .

PARK,this seems to good to be true snd so why wont they deliver it to me in the USVI?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to JBOVERT

I have no idea. It is readily available in mainland US.

Park so you have been taking cinnamon and you decided to stop.... why? I just placed my order and soon I wil have a pound of it...

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to JBOVERT

As I said it aggravated a pre-existing inflammatory condition.

How long did it take for the effects to become noticeable? HOW LONG WERE YOU TAKING IT?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to JBOVERT

I stated that clearly at the beginning of my personal report

PARK, My cinnamon arrived yesterday and i started off taking about 1/2 tspn on some toast with some sugar and butter to start off with then this morning i got up and had the same thing so now it is occurring to me that there must be other recipes for taking your dailey dose of ceylon? Any of these come to mind? Cause i love cinnamon toast but i need some other options:) also i was thinking that i have a lb of thiamine powder coming to theisland that now i ws thiinking of getting a hold of my doctor and asking him if he can give me a shot of b-1 What are your thoughts regarding the dosage for a start off shot?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to JBOVERT

For thiamine injection dosages see here:

I found the mixing cinnamon in oatmeal after it has been cooked works well. I also like to add sunflower seeds and berries or chopped fruit. I find this these additions make otherwise boring oatmeal quite enjoyable.

It also works for me to mix cinnamon with almond milk. Any other milk would do, or yogurt.

I do suggest undertaking interventions one at a time to see how each is working before adding another.

laglag profile image
laglag in reply to park_bear

Try some peanut butter in your oatmeal along with the cinnamon. 😋

JBOVERT profile image
JBOVERT in reply to park_bear

HI Park, hey thanks for the cinnamon help I'm pretty much the king of oatmeal now thatI have an abundance of it around ...I have a plan to have it on some salmon but am not sure how I will introduce it to the fish... not so sure the heat won't affect it adversely so I am going to just sprinkle some on to try it like that first...just ordered a small scale but until it gets here Im wondering how many grams is a heaping teaspoon? any idea? Im figuring it must be close to 4 grams...any thoughts?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to JBOVERT

Yes, approximately

Does it have to be from Sri Lanka? My spice store sells Cinnamomum verum from Mexico. I assume it’s all the same as long as it’s “true” cinnamon.

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to FawnLily

Correct. As long as it is the right species the location grown does not matter.


I have tried to take my cinnamon at the same time very day

I have tried to measure it out on a gram scale but it is way to messy so I just get a heaping teaspoon full and throw it in the bullet with about a 1/2 teaspoon of ashwagonda powder a small banana and about a 1/2 teaspoon of cane sugar and that is all mixed with a lactose free fat free milk

There is not much change in my condition yet but I'm continuing without abandoning any thing....

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to JBOVERT

As long as there are no adverse effects stick with it for a couple months. Also you should self administer the UPDRS and note your medication requirements to measure any changes.

PARK I am not on any medication for "this" disease....I plan on doing this regimen for at leas 3 months to see where I am after around 30 days then 60 then 90. I have a problem with swallowing and drooling and my left side is definitely lagging behind the right side I am not sure whether this protocol is going to be the thing for me....I am thinking that if the retrotope people will share their doctors names with me that I will be able tp access the RT001 poly unsaturated fatty acid= PUFA TREATED WITH DEUTERIUM IS what makes this pill able to penetrate the blood BRAIN far its been like less than reasonable not sure what to do at the point....Jim

Would using ceylon cinnamon in general be a good choice rather than taking a high amount? Also curcumin and resveratrol are good for inflammation. Your thoughts. Thanks

It surely will not hurt, but it is unlikely you will get enough to have a therapeutic effect.

Just a little nervous about overdosing and creating more problems. I'm scheduled for an MRI this week to determine either groin injury, hip flexor injuries or hip injury in addition to that I. Can't sit for long without my leg and foot going numb .Possibly sciatic nerve or arthritis. Any advice would be appreciated

The one thing we are least well-equipped to do here is diagnosis. Hopefully the doctors will figure out what is going on. My guess would be pinched nerve but that is merely a guess.

Regarding the cinnamon, start with whatever level is comfortable for you, and only increase to the extent that you are comfortable with.

Thank you

On a recent blood test I asked to have my folate checked. It came back 28. My primary care dr said to cut back my vitamins but didn't specify which nutritionist/pharmacis said to stop all b12 for 6 weeks and get b12 tested along with folate. Your thoughts. I have not eliminated my organic multivitamin, mineral amino acid. There is some b12 in that

There are different units used for blood plasma folate measurement. Depending on the units used for the measurement, yours could be way high or middling. In general folate supplementation in the Western diet is unnecessary and is carcinogenic. See my writing here for details:

Folate Supplementation Carcinogenic

I use B- from Seeking Health which omits both folate and B12. I supplement the B12 separately. I would not agree with skipping a B12 supplement.

How do you lower the folate level?

If you stop supplementing it should take care of itself.

laglag profile image
laglag in reply to park_bear

What happens if you take too much cinnamon?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to laglag

As set forth in my post above, 6 grams per day was well-tolerated in a human trial. I looked and was unable to find any reports of human toxicity due to Ceylon cinnamon. As I reported I experienced an increase in existing inflammation at six grams per day dosage.

Animal safety data:

"Anand et al. (31) studied the effect of 5 (100 mg⁄ kg), 10 (200mg⁄ kg) and 20 (400 mg⁄ kg) times the effective dose (20 mg ⁄ kg) of cinnamon on healthy Wistar rats. They observed no behavioural changes (excitement, nervousness, dullness, alertness, ataxia or death). ... The insignificant increase in aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase and alkaline phosphates values observed in animals administered with 20 times the effective dose after 72 h returned to their initial values within 120 h of cinnamon administration. The administered doses are comparable to a human adult dose of 600–2400 mg⁄ kg ...The 50% median lethal dose value (LD50) of orally administered cinnamon was 1850 mg⁄ kg [39]. Hence, based on the above formula, the LD50 for an adult human would be 11.4 g ⁄ kg."

So for a 50 kilogram human LD50 would be over a pound of cinnamon.

Fantastic work. And very much appreciated

Thank you for a great post:). When I see one of your posts I know it’s a must read. Approximately how soon after vaccination could one start with cinnamon treatment? And should one leave the cinnamon between the two injection dates?

All the best!

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to P1800

My take would be to stop cinnamon a few days before either vaccination and to start a few days after vaccination symptoms subside.

Thanks for the advice:)

Great post park_bear! Thanks! You almost scared me away with the contraindication for autoimmune, so I Googled and found this:

Can cinnamon spice down autoimmune diseases?


In spite of extensive research, there are no effective treatments or cures for autoimmune conditions. Available NSAIDs and immunosuppressants only control the symptoms of autoimmune diseases temporarily. Some monoclonal antibodies (e.g. Natalizumab, Vedolizumab, Alemtuzumab, Rituximab, etc.) have also been approved for controlling some autoimmune disorders. Steroids are used to attenuate the flare of different autoimmune conditions when other treatments fail. However, in general, these treatments exhibit a number of side effects including fatigue, nausea, headache, joint/muscle pain, gastrointestinal disorders, immunosuppression, lung infection, breathing problems, wheezing, urinary tract infection, vaginitis, opportunistic viral infections like progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, etc. Therefore, it is important to identify a safe, effective and economical therapeutic option for autoimmune disorders.

Cinnamon, a natural herb commonly used to spice up the delicacy of different cuisine, has a long track record of human use without any toxic incidence. It can be taken orally, the least painful route, and after oral intake, it is metabolized into NaB, the active compound and the FDA-approved drug for UCD and NKH. Similar to cinnamon, NaB can be also taken through food and drinking water or milk. Since cinnamon and its metabolite NaB upregulate anti-autoimmune Tregs and Th2, suppress autoimmune Th17 and Th1, inhibit inflammatory infiltration, and reduce the expression of pro-inflammatory molecules, cinnamon and NaB may have therapeutic importance in different autoimmune disorders (Fig. 1). Although cinnamon has been tested in human rheumatoid arthritis and TIDM and different rodent models (Table-1), further clinical trials at appropriate doses are required to understand the beneficial effect of this complementary and alternate option in different autoimmune disorders.

Big Thanks! I shall update my writing.

It looks like the cinnamon is only half he formula? We need NaB too?

Moreover, neuroprotective proteins like DJ-1 and Parkin are known to reduce the formation of Lewy bodies in the CNS. Accordingly, we observed upregulation and/or normalization of DJ-1 and Parkin in the nigra of A53T mice by treatment with cinnamon and NaB.

sodium benzoate (NaB)

No, sodium benzoate (NaB), is a metabolite of cinnamon.

Cinnamon, a natu-ral product, is a commonly used spice and flavoringmaterial for deserts, candies, chocolate, etc. Afterintake, cinnamaldehyde, the major component ofcinnamon, is converted into cinnamic acid by oxi-dation. Then cinnamic acid undergoes-oxidationin the liver to be converted into benzoate that existsas sodium salt (NaB) or benzoyl-CoA.

So I guess the cinnamon is enough?


July 1st, started the Ceylon Cinnamon protocol at 1 rounded half teaspoon (so about 1 teaspoon. I will upgrade my measuring tools soon).

Reminder: I have not been diagnosed with PK. I have REMSBD (but my left should is a bit sore, which I will put down to too much mouse action).

Did you notice a loss of appetite? I gave my husband 3 g over the last 2 days and he is saying he isn’t very hungry. It might be other factors but it is unusual for him to not be into seconds of dinner and snacking in the pantry all day on nuts .

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to LAJ12345

No loss of appetite here.

LAJ12345 profile image
LAJ12345 in reply to park_bear

I wondered if it affects glucose processes whether it might mean appetite is suppressed.


Just found this “

Search Results

Featured snippet from the web

Cinnamon. Sometimes called "nature's gastric band", cinnamon has been conclusively proven to reduce your appetite. The reason why this happens is still fairly unclear, but many scientists believe that it helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels, telling your body that it doesn't need more food to operate normally”

Ok, I just found this

Search Results

Featured snippet from the web

Cinnamon. Sometimes called "nature's gastric band", cinnamon has been conclusively proven to reduce your appetite. The reason why this happens is still fairly unclear, but many scientists believe that it helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels, telling your body that it doesn't need more food to operate normally.

And then the opposite

Increasing Appetite

Although studies like the research published in “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," suggest that cinnamon may decrease appetite, Germany’s Commission E has approved the use of cinnamon in increasing appetite 1. Cinnamon contains hydroxychalcone, a component that can increase appetite, however little research backs this claim 1. The exact role cinnamon plays in appetite is not known 1. Cinnamon can be added to beverages like tea and cocoa 1. Also add the spice to fruit, rice pudding, toast and other foods to regulate blood sugar.

Thanks for sharing. Can you use the cinnamon in applesauce, on sweet potatoes, toast, cookies?

Yes. Apply after cooking – avoid high heat.

Thank you

Lizzy9 profile image
Lizzy9 in reply to Smittybear7

We put it on homemade applesauce to avoid the heat issue and that sees to work well for us.

Smittybear7 profile image
Smittybear7 in reply to Lizzy9

Thanks I use it unsweetened applesauce French toast and sweet potatoes

Lizzy9 profile image
Lizzy9 in reply to Smittybear7

Sounds yummy!!

Have you looked into it as an essential oil supplement?

park_bear profile image
park_bear in reply to SunnyMaui

Not long ago I purchased cinnamon bark essential oil from a number of vendors. I know from experience that genuine cinnamon bark essential oil has the penetrating aroma of cinnamon. NONE of the recent purchases came anywhere close to passing this test. So I do not recommend this route.

Park Bear thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Hi Park Bear, I appreciated rereading your research. I just reread one of the studies tonight. I believe it was from Rush. I am taking one heaping teaspoon daily. I wonder, would taking it with a fat increase it’s absorption? Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard has stated that taking Resveratrol with a fat greatly increases the absorption. How does one know or determine if that is also the case with cinnamon? Same consideration for turmeric. And I would bet that taking the cinnamon with Pepperine increases the absorption like with turmeric / curcumin.

I’m so disappointed about the Licorice. There has got to be a way to get the adequate dosage of the essential aspect of it!

In the animal study cinnamon was provided without the addition of any lipids. Personally I mix it with oatmeal so I do not consume it with lipids either.

That said, the active ingredient, cinnamaldehyde, is slightly soluble in water. It is miscible in oils. So mixing cinnamon with some kind of lipid could improve absorption.


I have been spending my day checking the research on the effect of fisetin and quercetin on Parkinson's. These are similar in chemical structure to liquiritigenin but are available in quatity as supplements. There are animal studies showing some efficacy. This is a work in progress right now.

Info I have read sometimes says that Quercitin needs to be combined with rapamycin. I think that might be just so it can remain a pharma money maker. This combo is being researched by the NIH. I believe that Fisetin and Quercitin are quite redundant? Another one I think you are going to like PB is Spermedine.

The studies I have just seen showing benefit for Parkinson's with quercetin do not involve rapamycin. Rapamycin is a powerful prescription medication which would need to be taken under medical supervision. Quercetin and Fisetin are quite similar in chemical structure so taking both may indeed be redundant.

Just found this great thread, so thank you park_bear 👏

PB, do you have knowledge of cinnamon having an electric charge or high metal content? My online search turned up nothing. I fear I have been ingesting contaminated cinnamon.

It does this on a plastic spoon as well. The little fibers sticking out move and collapse as my finger nears them.

Ceylon cinnamin

Static electricity has that effect upon nonmetallic objects. Nothing to worry about.

I was hoping it was just static electricity! But it’s been that way for weeks. Weird! Thank you!

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