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Does anyone take zomorph please my doctor changed me from OxyContin and I’m just wondering if anyone else is taking the same please?

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Hi, I suffer from (with) Crohn's disease but take Zomorph 50mg twice a day due to other problems (not concerning Crohn's). Once you have got into the routine of EVERY 12 Hours and not a minute late, it does take the edge off my pains, unfortunately, because it is Morphine based it creates massive problems with constipation, and therefore, I have to use suppositories and enemas as well.

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Thank you for replying I’m afraid I have insisted on going back to my OxyContin as was my agreement if I tried the change and it didn’t suit I could. Initially after the first week I thought wow this is actually working what a result but after 3 weeks that was it and although I’m on the lowest dose now 5mg OxyContin it does still take the edge of with the matrifren patches and gabapentin of course!

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