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New To colitis

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I have a new diet to get used to now, got cut off from a Lot of things and it's hard eating every single day. Is there a way to get used to this maybe not so appetizing diet?

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What diet have you been advised to follow?

Avoid dairy, legumes, beans, soda, broccoli, cauliflower and heavily spiced foods .

A particular diet doesn't necessarily work for everyone, you need to find out for yourself what you can and can't eat.

The whole trial and error thing is quite consequential :(

Any specific diet tbh doesn’t work - it’s more about specific trigger foods. Strip all the way down to a very strict diet like AIP once you have a baseline start to reintroduce foods slowly. Just randomly stopping certain foods is stabbing in the dark.

Thank you so much. I am currently figuring out my trigger foods

I found that there are some foods I can eat in my more "normal" phases, that I cannot tolerate when starting to flare. Such as tomato puree, some cheeses, apple juice, so I end up with things in the fridge I suddenly cannot eat for a few months.

I can’t eat sweetcorn anymore and I really miss it.

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