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What diets have you tried with colitis



Has anyone with colitis tried a gluten free diet and if so has it worked or what diets have you tried? Thank you 😊

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My consultant reckons diet makes no difference unless you definitely have a known problem with gluten or such like. I just know what I can and can't eat so stick to that, the "healthy diet" is a definite no no !!

Honey456 in reply to bantam12

Thank you for your feedback

When I’m well, I eat my normal way. If I suspect a flare up, I go on a bland low fibre diet, homemade clear strained broth, white rice, potatoes, I cut out bread. I try to eat very easily digestible food, to give the system support.

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Thank you for your feedback

I have struggled with my symptoms for quite a while, past few months have tried the AIP diet - I think there is something in diet helping to heal - I think it has helped me I stop/reduce bleeding, but not a long term solution, I am slowly reintroducing foods.

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Hi thank you for replying, are you on any medication

saj12 in reply to Honey456

Currently on Biologics, amgevita.

I see you mentioned (below) wanting to go onto Salofalk granuales - i was on these for over a year - I would mention Salofalk Enema, I personally found more effective - offcourse more a difficult thing to take.

Honey456 in reply to saj12

Hi doc has put me on pentasa granules so will see if this helps

Hi, I’m a coeliac with colitis, so I have to eat gluten free. I do find if I eat gluten by mistake, it does flare my colitis, but I think it’s more to do with my bodies reaction to the gluten. From what I have read a gluten free diet doesn’t necessarily help with colitis unless your either coeliac or gluten intolerant. It might be worth a try to see if it does help you. I think it’s quite an individual thing, you need to find what suits you best. Good luck. (Bear in mind, gluten free can be expensive and just doesn’t taste the same.... )

Hi thank you for your feedback, are you on any medication at the moment, I'm on octasa mesalazine at the moment but have asked my doctor to prescribe granules, I haven't got a IBD nurse or consultant yet due to the waiting list, so I thought I'd ask on here about diets.

Thank you

My son has Crohn’s, was diagnosed in Feb after a stay in the hospital with an infection/abscess. He

went on Remicade, b/c that what was recommended by his doctor. He was told he did not have to change his diet-he still had a flare up while on the meds, so he changed his diet cutting out gluten, sugar and processed foods...and immediately felt it made a difference. He had a bad reaction to the Remicade and honestly was uncomfortable being on medicine maybe for the rest of his life—he is only 18, so he went off of it and has been managing his Crohn’s with his diet.

It has been 6 months with no medicine. He is doing great. Who knows, he may have to go on medicine again someday—but he wanted to try to manage his disease this way first. It is not easy. It is work but we feel definitely worth it.

We made it a family decision—change. We all ate what we would consider healthy before—but now we eat gluten free, sugar free with little to no processed foods...an even healthier diet.

I think there is a no one size fits all solution to IBD. Good luck to you.

I just wanted to add to my comment. That we mostly follow the SCD diet...but cross over a bit to the AIP diet. For example the SCD diet uses mostly almond flour—where as the AIP diet uses some other gluten free flours that we will use at times, although Almond flour is a main source -or another example is on the SCD diet you can not eat sweet potatoes—but on the AIP diet you can, we eat sweet potatoes...I hope this helps. Again -good luck.

Thank you for your feedback well done to you all for managing without medication

Ill look into these diets

Thank you

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