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First Colonoscopy

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I’ve got my colonoscopy in two weeks as I’ve got a suspected IBD. I also have a family history of Crohn’s & Bowel Cancer.

Does anyone have any advice for having a colonoscopy? I’ve got bad anxiety and I’m scared to have the procedure done & I’m scared of what the results might be.

Thanks ☺️

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The worst part is taking the prep, once that's done the rest is fairly straightforward.Drink the prep through a straw, stay very close to the loo and have things on hand to occupy yourself with for the many hours it's takes !! and keep your fluid intake up otherwise you will dehydrate.

If you opt for sedation on the day make sure you organise someone to take you home and to stay with you.

The procedure can be uncomfortable/painful but is very interesting and you can watch it on the screen as it happens, personally I think it helps while away the time especially if you get a running commentary as well ! They will take some biopsies which is normal so don't panic about that. Once done you will get a drink and something to eat then on your way.

It's really not as bad as you might imagine although as I say the prep is pretty awful 🤢

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Thank you! You’ve made me feel a bit better about it ☺️

Add on to bantam12, request for sedation & it work like charm- no discomfort & everything smooth journey

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Olive97 in reply to Akido

I was planning on sedation anyway, but I’m nervous it’ll make me feel sick. Did you have any side effects from it?

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They usually give anti nausea med at the same time but otherwise just ask for it.

Is it a CT colonoscopy ?

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Olive97 in reply to Minnie2013

It’s just a standard colonoscopy I think.

Hi As Bantam said the prep is the worst part, but as you do it at home you will be fine.

The doctors know that most people are trepidation about having the procedure and in my experience they are always very understanding. I normally opt for sedation. I always let them know how nervous I am and they couldn't be nicer. Everyone gets embarrassed but you will be fine, so don't worry.

Good luck.

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Olive97 in reply to Dalebury

Thank you!

It's natural to be scared of what they might find, try to remind yourself that if they do find an issue that is a positive step towards solving that issue. If things go unfound that's far worse. It's a positive step regardless of the result, I know it is still worrying but you've got expert clinicians looking after you. Take care

I'm in the same boat. Been told colonoscopy will be within 2 weeks. I'm petrified didn't sleep last night and haven't ate for 24 hours. I'm so worried 😢 I know how your feeling xxxx

Please don’t worry, once you have sedation the time passes really quickly. I’ve had it done twice and have a third to look forward to! Not painful, maybe mildly uncomfortable...but they soon realise and up the sedation if needed. It is a quick procedure which with the sedation you are hardly aware of and no after effects except maybe some excess wind! The prep isn’t to great having to drink the formula in the evening and again in the morning, lots of rumblings and the inevitable trips to toilet! but it does it’s job so that everything is squeaky clean....eventually you will just be passing water then you know the jobs done. I did the 1st colonoscopy without sedation,nothing awful....but did have sedation when they went in from the other end!

Olive97, please don't worry about the procedure it really is not that bad! As others have said the prep you have to take the day before the procedure is the worst part, you take the prep as directed and then stay close to the toilet because once it starts working it really does the job. I think I would have got an olympic Gold medal for the dash to the toilet. Do drink plenty of fluid. Between 1976 and 2014 I probably had the procedure 10-15 times. In most cases I had the sedation and all that it does is relax you and make the procedure more comfortable. Normally there no or little pain, when they gently pump a little air into colon to make it easier for them and you for the scope to go through the colon it feels a little strange. On 2-3 occasions I had it done without sedation and each time it felt very uncomfortable but bearable, sedation is best. They will probably take multiple biopsies, that is perfectly normal. Please don't be frightened, prety routine procedure. It is amazing if you watch on screen as the scope travels round your insides.Very best of luck

When they say stay close to the toilet after taking the prep they really mean stay close to the toilet! It's also probably wise to protect the flooring on the way to the loo, perhaps with those huge incontinence pads or towels with plastic bags underneath them. Sounds awful I know but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck

Or get a decent pair of running spikes!!😂

Hi Olive97 how did your colonoscopy go?I have one booked for next saturday and I'm scared stiff,hoping the results of yours was ok x

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Olive97 in reply to Sharice21

Hi Sharice21, honestly it was just like everyone else said, the prep was definitely the worst part.

I was sedated for my procedure and honestly I didn’t really feel much at all, at one point it was a bit uncomfortable but not at all painful. They also took some biopsies which I’ve been told is normal, but I have to wait a few weeks for my results.

I know it’s natural to worry. I was so anxious and scared, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be at all. Fingers crossed everything goes okay for you ❤️

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Sharice21 in reply to Olive97

Thankyou olive97 you've made me feel abit more at ease🥰

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