I found out I have Ulcerative colitis in October last year

and have a very bad time of it at seeing what some of you have written I am pleased its not just me being kept on my toes, every time I think I can eat this cos I am fine after a week, then the next it gives me so much pain, feeling low at mo as was back to see my Doctor at hospital today and back on steroids and a new tablet hoping it works as the next step in op which I don't want, any ideas any one on what I can try please??

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  • One of the most helpful things I read was that cold drinks stop digestion and warm drinks aid digestion. In the hours before I was hospitalized with UC, I had skipped a meal and gulped down a large glass of cold chocolate milk. I shouldn't have had chocolate or milk or anything cold.

  • I have been told to have dairy stuff lol (and lucky for me I can have chocolate with no problem lol which is good for me :-) )and to have soups etc no fruit or veg. if this tablet Mercaptopurine doesn't work then its either infusion or op :-(. I have to have a camera again to look every where, back on steroids and the highest level of mesalazine ,

    thanks for replying

  • I find I cannot have wheat, as it upsets me, had tests several years ago and found out I had colitis control mine by diet, went for allergy testing, it is just a case of trying to find out which foods suit you and which do not, also take a probiotic tablet each day to help the gut.

  • Hi there. Have you looked at the Ileostomy Association website? They have a forum for people with Chron's and Colitis and there is a specific section for food and health. I have found the site a godsend. forum.iasupport.org

  • Thank you will have a look. Hope your doing well x

  • People don't think that I've treated my UC, with waters high in silicic acid but that's not the full answer, after finding it relieved the constipation, and that awful feeling that your fecal matter is attached to your intestines. When more cylindrical stool had resumed, but it felt too wet I thought try some silica because silicon rich waters helped. I drank to start 1 litre/day, and use it for making espresso (I drink a lot of coffee). The silica helped me be able to reabsorb moisture, and produce normal stool. It should help you, waters to try; Volvic, Saka, S. Pellegrino, Fiji, Brecon Carreg. Salofalk 5ASAs) gave me explosive diarrhoea, the first and last time I ever tried it. Hope this helps, if it does spread the word, I'm on a mission to stop this disease.

  • Hi A-J-M-S, those meds were awful for me, Salofalk gave me explosive diarrhoea, was given it once, gave me explosive diarrhoea, you only soil yourself once! I researched vaccines and got on to the aluminium adjuvant. That's where I feel the problem lies. After various inquiries, I read about the Camelfird Water Incident, and Prof Exley, he had them drink a silicon rich water (after all we all need it), her he used Volvic, there are others, 1 litre/day. It gave me a proper complete evacuation but the stool was very soft, like usually it feels like it sticks to your insides. I continued the water, but the stool became too well lubricated. I thought it's better, but not best, so I bought some silica from health food shop. I found it dried it all up, it had me producing solid enough stool, there is a normal mucus surrounding the stool, never again will I take any revolting meds like before. Hope you can find some use, and it might help.

  • Sorry to repeat myself.

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