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I found out I have Ulcerative colitis in October last year

and have a very bad time of it at seeing what some of you have written I am pleased its not just me being kept on my toes, every time I think I can eat this cos I am fine after a week, then the next it gives me so much pain, feeling low at mo as was back to see my Doctor at hospital today and back on steroids and a new tablet hoping it works as the next step in op which I don't want, any ideas any one on what I can try please??

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One of the most helpful things I read was that cold drinks stop digestion and warm drinks aid digestion. In the hours before I was hospitalized with UC, I had skipped a meal and gulped down a large glass of cold chocolate milk. I shouldn't have had chocolate or milk or anything cold.


I have been told to have dairy stuff lol (and lucky for me I can have chocolate with no problem lol which is good for me :-) )and to have soups etc no fruit or veg. if this tablet Mercaptopurine doesn't work then its either infusion or op :-(. I have to have a camera again to look every where, back on steroids and the highest level of mesalazine ,

thanks for replying


I find I cannot have wheat, as it upsets me, had tests several years ago and found out I had colitis control mine by diet, went for allergy testing, it is just a case of trying to find out which foods suit you and which do not, also take a probiotic tablet each day to help the gut.


Hi there. Have you looked at the Ileostomy Association website? They have a forum for people with Chron's and Colitis and there is a specific section for food and health. I have found the site a godsend.


Thank you will have a look. Hope your doing well x


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