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Aborted colonoscopy because of ‘unresolved loop’ and pain


Hi. I had a colonoscopy yesterday but they could only see the sigmoid left side because apparently i had a loop and could not go past it with pain. I was sedated but I felt some pain however I did not realise how i reacted to the pain. It was like I felt pain in my sleep. They decided to not go on and refer me to another future colonoscopy under general anaesthetic.

The doctor did not explain what the “unresolved loop” was, this was written in the report, he only said I could not tolerate the pain. I am freaking out because,for one, I feel unwell after the bowel prep, very strong bowel sounds and gurgling, as if I lost all my good bacteria. And I never had a general anaesthetic before, I heard it comes with risks. Plus again the horrendous bowel prep.

Has anyone else had to repeat colonoscopy because of loops or pain?

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Hi, I've got lots of loops in my sigmoid colon and these often cause some difficulties, though the procedure has never been abandoned. They usually ask me to lie in different positions, or nurses press on my stomach to get the thing around the bends! Very undignified but we got there! I've had 6 colonoscopies and the prep drink doesn't get any easier, but has to be done. I can't see any problem with having a general anaesthetic - could be easier for you.

I had 3 aborted colonoscopies for similar reasons. They still can't pass through. I ended up going for a virtual colonoscopy. Don't worry about a general anaesthetic. If they can finish the colonoscopy that way it will give you the best results. I didnt have that option.

Thank you for your replies! I got rescheduled for another colonoscopy in one week, so very soon! Hopefully they will be able to go past loops this time, it’s all so very stressful as the bowel prep makes me very weak. They will take some biopsies too. This is to rule out/in IBD. I haven’t been diagnosed with any IBD yet.

Good luck!

Just had second colonoscopy and they managed to get past all loops. First results were normal looking bowel, but they took 10 biopsies. Gastro said more tests on small bowel need to be done to rule out IBD, as Crohn’s can be in the small bowel. So yes, the search continues, and I am sure everyone else here has a constant struggle with this “unseen” disease.

I hope your colonoscopy went well, I had the same problem but they put me to sleep and managed to get it done. Not nice but they are trying hard to help. I still have problems as they found scarring in my bowel as well as the loops. We all struggle with this but hopefully you will get more advice. take care.

Hi! What were your symptoms and diagnosis?

I get nausea in the mornings and heavy uncomfortable feeling in my bowel ,this will not go away until I empty my bladder and bowel so sometimes just have to sit and wait. Must not get constipated and have to go everyday. Drink Lots of water and take a mild laxative if I am worried. Take a cyclizine for the sickness.

Bless you, I don’t have a diagnosis just yet as they still want to MRI my small bowel for Crohns, but I am also constipated and the right hand side of my belly button is bigger than my left side and tender and hard at times when I still need to have a bowel movement. I am glad though they have gone through with the colonoscopy, which was worrying because of the loops. Take care of yourself!

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