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Partner with Crohn's due for Right hemicolectomy, any advice for recovery etc?

Hi everyone,

I am not an IBD sufferer myself but my fiancé has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease 10 years ago. He has since been on Infliximab infusions and Azathioprine but he has been out of remission for the last year and now suffers with bowel stricture and lots of scar tissue: He is due to have a Right hemicolectomy next week as the stricture is getting worse and worse.

It is now all sinking in for me and I was wondering if anyone has undergone a similar surgery and has got any advice for his recovery and what I should prepare for his return home etc? Same goes with the type of food he will be able to eat afterwards and things like that as I would like to be prepared as much as I can.

I myself already had 2 laparoscopies before for bowel adhesions and suspected endometriosis so I already know myself how he will be feeling to some extent but I also know that these 2 surgeries were very minor in comparison to the one he is about to get next week! Any advice/information would therefore be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance!

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I have had bowel surgery for Chrohn's although not that one. What I can say is that I was surprised how tired I was and how mush sleep I needed to aid the healing process. (Hubby thought I was a little lazy, because he was still working and I could not manage to vacuum during my second week home). As to diet, I was on pureed bland foods when I returned home, I asked to see the dietitian whilst I was in, and had a lot of good advice for when I was managing my own diet. Hope all goes well.


Thank you so much for replying!


Hi. Sorry, just saw this post and he will be through the operation by now. I hope it all went well. I had a right hemicolectomy 10 years ago. The plan at the time was to be up on my feet and eating normally the next day. It took over 2 weeks to get to this coz of infection, but once that was sorted I was able to get back to a normal diet. I had been very ill before the op and had lost a lot of weight, so with the infection as well it took a good 6 months to get back to good health and get back to work. I believe recovery can be as quick as 3 months. So, no special food needed. Just lots of his favourites! Activity was a bit restricted as well so I relied on a lot of box sets too! Just had the odd wee venture out to a shop or two until I got my strength back. He will get there in his own time.


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