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My hubby was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and Lymphocytic Colitis recently after 3 weeks in isolation due to diarrhoea . Loads of tests later a diagnosis was made. They put him on prednisolone, starting at 40 mg reducing by 5 mg every 5 days. After bad side effects and a visit to A & E this was change to every 3 days. Is anybody able to say at what dose he will be able to sleep and not feel dizzy anymore? It is a real problem for us both.

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I did not get dizzyness with steroids, but with other meds. I did have to be completely off them before this righted itself, as to not sleeping, I think I was right down to 5mg before nights became more normal. I do know that the only way I dealt with this, was to roll with it. Found quiet things to do, got an under the pillow microphone to allow me to listen to relaxation and other CD's. It felt to me, that if I got angry about it all and tried to fight it, the more awake and upset I became. Very difficult to adjust to being out of control of body and mind, but the quicker this adjustment is made, the better. My husband eventually learned to sleep through me in/out of bed across the night (12 times when Crohn's bad) so it only meant problems for me in the end.

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