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Fever after bowl movement


Hello beautiful people !

Can someone please explain to me why I sometimes get a low fever (37.5) after a bowl movement and has it happened to anyone of you before ?

Also does being on your period have anything to do with it, because this is a first for me !

Edit: ok so I don’t think it’s the bowl movement that caused the fever, but it probably contributed to it. My question now is, what would possibly cause a low grade fever and why would it stay for so long ?

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Interesting question! I’ve been mulling this over, while hoping someone would reply to your post

For what it’s worth, i have something similar that has always tended to happen during phases when my lifelong version of early onset inflammatory bowel disease-like manifestations are worse than usual...it’s almost like my autoinflammation is sparked into flaring more severely by the exertion my chronically ill GI tract has to make in order to evacuate stool. The signs & symptoms are almost like anaphylaxis (syncope, sweating, fever, swelling, flushing, increased heart rate, nausea etc) and my consultants all make a point of noting this in their reports.

I no longer have periods, but when i did have them, this sort of thing was always worse. My chronic gyn + urological signs & symptoms have always been & still are very reactive & interrelated with my GI tract S&S. and my various consultants + GP says this makes sense cause these are adjacent abdominal viscera/body systems

my NHS univ. hosp. gastro dept is treating my GI manifestations in liaison with my rheumatology & immunology clinics. Gastroenterology’s treatments are all following Crohns protocols while their investigations continue (so far gastroscopy + colonoscopy + video capsule endoscopy + barium swallow + USS liver & portal system... + in a few weeks i’ll have CT Enterography)

the primary illnesses underlying these manifestations in my case are infant onset systemic lupus + Hypermobile ehlers danlos syndrome + hypogammaglobulinaemia (+ various typical secondaries including sjogrens + small vessel vasculitis)

I hope you figure this out and let us know what you’ve learned about it 🍀🍀🍀🍀, Coco


Hi, 37.5 is not actually deemed a low grade fever anymore, but anything over that and up to 38 is.

what is your normal body temp? Personally, my normal is 37.8, so I know anything 38.3 and over for me means I have a fever

in reply to willow24

My normal body temperature is 36.8c, once I reach the temperature of 37.5c I start feeling really fatigued and my eyes feel heavy and I have no energy. It’s weird that when my temperature is 38c-40c I don’t feel a thing but I feel like death when it’s only 37.5c 🤔

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