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Could i have IBD?

Hello everyone, so my story starts off with the fact that i am 28 weeks pregnant. I had a mild sickness bug that had me on the toilet for a few hours with sickness and very loose stools. But it was fine again the next day.

I have been mildly constipated (bad diet i think with not enough water) I also have been told i have a couple of internal piles.

So shortly after all this, the rectal bleeding started. After every bowel movement. It’s been 8 weeks now and i still have bleeding. I’ve seen my gp several times and she has been great.

I have done 2 faecal protectlin samples… and had lots of bloods.

Bloods were good.

Stool sample was not. First one had levels of 600!! 2nd one had gone right back down to 79. which is still raised i know. But much much less? Is that something that happens with IBD even without any medication? They were only 2 weeks apart.

I have no other symptoms, no pain, no weightless, no bloating or cramps. I think may have had one or two episodes of loose stools, but nothing otherwise…

Just this blood won’t give up.. and the stool sample problem. I’m booked to see a specialist asap, but they can’t do any camera work until i’m know longer pregnant.

I’m hoping that this could still be a pregnant issue that will resolve itself once the babies here. But feeling frightened in the mean time.

Just looking for opinions and any advice really. I’ve been feeling so low the last few days not knowing what it might be.

Thanks in advance

K x

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Your body has gone through so many changes, recently, it's no wonder you are confused. The blood, if is red, could be from the internal piles. Having suffered with Crohns for over 50 years, I wouldn't worry about 1, rogue, stool sample. Enjoy your pregnancy and your new baby, and don't ponder on the forthcoming tests. Even if you do have Crohns disease, it is so much more treatable than when I was diagnosed, and can usually be managed medically now.


Freedman thank you for your response. I am really dwelling on that one stool test sadly! I think I’d be assuming piles had it been normal. I’m sore my hormones are making me feel more anxious.

Some things I’ve read have been incredibly positive in regards to IBD. How it can be managed and you can still live well. I think it’s just the thought of the unknown and the fact I’m still having blood when I poop.

Although I should be thankful theirs no pain involved 🙌🏻

I can’t thank you enough for your words. I hope you are well! K x


The bleeding most likely is from the piles (hemorrides) as they do bleed. They can be common in pregnancy especially if there is any straining due to constipation

Can you bump up your water intake and liquids?

My GI doctor refused to give me the stool test, she said they are natoroiusly unreliable. The best test for Crohns is a colonoscopy and MRI I’m told, I was diagnosed with colonoscopy and confirmed with MRI. During colonoscopy they can take tissue samples and examine them for disease activity

As FReedman mentioned, I would let one rogue test worry you, especially that particular test.


I hope you’re right hobbits , I think I’ve clung on to DR google that has convinced me that the protectin test is a very great indication of IBD.

Sadly when you search for anything regarding inflammation in a stool sample there aren’t many options other than IBD to answer for it.

I hope it was a rogue one 🤞🤞 I think I’ll be having another next week so it’ll be interesting to see the results!

I’ve definietly bumped up the water since all this. I think pregnancy bowels are fairly unpredictable anyway 😖 all very confusing stuff to be honest.

Thank you kindly for your reply. You’ve both calmed me today ☺️

I hope you keep well also!

K x

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