How to get Budesonide in Spain?

Hi All! New issue, lol! I've got Crohn's. I'm home in the US for the summer, but returning soon to Spain to teach. My US doctor took me off prednisone, and put me on Budesonide (9mg tablets, not the inhaler). (I cannot switch back to prednisone due to long-term side effects.) I contacted a friend there (in Spain) who spoke to her pharmacist, and she says they don't sell it in Spain. Any suggestions?

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  • Budesonide is a steroid. I would speak to your pharmacist here, before you leave. There may be a way to Fed Ex with special packaging for pharmaceuticals, it would also depend on Spain's import laws. Since it is not available in Spain, they may not allow it in. Best person to ask is a pharmacist. Good luck.

  • Thought I would post an update: Turns out Budesonide is available in Spain-just not the 9 mg extended release kind, but rather 3 mg tablets instead (take three a day). It costs around €100 a month.

    Also, anyone else have hair loss advice while on Azathioprine? Vitamins?

  • Awesome that you can get the meds needed in Spain!

    I can’t speak for azathioprine, but some people take Biotin to support healthy hair/nail growth. I lost a lot of hair, literally just broke off in chunks, on the drug Leflenomide (brand name Arava)) and only stopping the drug helped me.

  • Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking I'll stay on the medication for the moment-as some people have posted that the hair loss issue improves with time, and I seem to be feeling well while on it. Actually, between the Budesonide and the Azathioprine I'm feeling much better than I have in a long time. And the hair loss doesn't seem to be getting worse, at least, but has kind of leveled off perhaps?

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