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Unwell after colonoscopy


Hi all,

I had a colonoscopy on thursday for the first time. I found the whole thing really painful, i was screaming in agony. My bowels were looping which made the whole thing not so straight forward. I did have sedation as well as other things. I don't seem right after the colonoscopy. I have got pelvic pain which isnt settling and the symptoms i had (nausea as well as stomach problems) have flared up again. Before the colonoscopy my symptoms were settled for about a week. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

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It can take a few days to settle down especially if they had problems getting round the bends but if you have bad pain give the hospital or out of hours GP a call. I've had many done but not had any bad pains afterwards.

I had terrible pain as well. I had to have 2 lots of sedation. I was told though it's worse if you've had abdominal surgery in the past. Also said it does hurt with some people as the bowel is a muscle & it moves & contracts. I had an horrendous time & had to have it done twice. I'm dreading ever having it done again ! It will settle after a while but I know the feeling .


hi, they pump lots of air in and this can take a few days to disperse, this can cause some pain and discomfort, and if there is any inflammation the scope can irritate this. i find im not right for about 5 days to a week after a scope, even if everything was settled. hope you feel better very soon

Hi I had problems with sigmoid scope and I was also in bad pain, It also upset the bowel for approx 5 days, but mine was abandoned as I was to sore,I have a redundant/ mega colon, so it is common tone in pain afterwards, try and rest for these days and look after yourself, I certainly had to do that, it hasn't settled down even now, my muscles spasms also don't help. I had to take my medication that I use for fibromyalgia pain to keep me going, take care and rest 💕💕x

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