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Sorry everyone - is this part of IBD?

Normally I get horrid pains within an hour of eating, I'm in pain all the time but it's way worse when I've eaten. But this morning I woke up with really bad pains that were mostly in my lower abdomen, but also in my thighs, back, sides and upper stomach. I was basically curled up in bed crying until my kids woke up and I had to get up to sort breakfast out.

I'm very upset today, because I had planned to sort my house out (it's so cluttered from being so behind on housework) and is stressing me out alot. I know stress doesn't help.

What could have caused this pain when I'd not eaten anything? (only had tiny bits of smoothie during the day yesterday, all before 8pm) Is it the stress I'm in doing this? Or is my body just so F up now that it doesn't need a reason anymore. Is this part of IBD or indicative of something else?

Sorry about this everyone, I'm just trying to understand whats happening with my body... :(

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I sometimes get lower abdominal pains, going down the thighs and around the lower back, just like period pain. I think it's caused by the inflamed tubes, not necessarily what you have just eaten. Paracetamol helps a little, and it's the only painkiller we can use. Don't fret about housework! Hope you soon feel better.

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I saw my Dr again yesterday. She told me that she thinks I may have colitis and has finally refered me for colonscopy. But it is a 18-24 week wait. I'm gonna try n talk to my Dr about making the referal faster (if she writes a letter saying it's urgent I could be seen in 6-8 weeks). Until I'm seen she has told me to take codine regularly each day to keep pain levels low enough that I don't black out again. I'm not thrilled about the pain meds but needs must.


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