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Scared to eat


I'm undiagnosed posible ibd, dr's are slow and difficult but I am pushing for a colonscopy to find out once and for all what's going on.

I'm in pain constantly. I am on a gluten free diet and it helped to start with. But now I'm in pain no matter what I eat. Even a cup of coffee or water is painful for me.

My hubs wants me to eat smoothies for a while, little and often, so I get nutrients even if just a little. But even that is painful for me. I've not eaten anything solid is nearly 3 days. And even then just tiny amounts. And when I do I get pains. Today I'm meant to make a smoothie to eat but I just don't wanna bother. I've got enough fat reserves to go a while without food and I'm already tired and in pain all the time. I know I should eat but it just hurts roo much and I get so crazy grumpy and short tempered. My poor kids.

Does anyone else get this? Any tips to make eating easier? (Pain killers aren't an option for me)

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Here's a quick tip. You said, " Even a cup of coffee or water is painful for me." While you're waiting for a complete medical evaluation, skip the coffee. I have ulcerative colitis and follow my doctor's advice to eliminate coffee from my diet. It was not easy to stop drinking coffee, and I learned that some herbal teas are not good either. However, feeling well is more important to me than drinking my favorite beverages.

Ummijan in reply to jaykay777

I don't like coffee to be honest. But lots of tea has gluten in it so I drink coffee when I'm in desperate need of a pick me up. Mostly I try to drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

So sorry to hear of your pain. I had this too a few years ago and after a colonoscopy they diagnosed me with mild Crohn's. After taking Entocort the pain faded away. Currently my diagnosis is chronic ileitis and I take Entocort when it inflames but thankfully it is quiet now for a year.

You must get your nutrients. Try to get Nutridrink shakes from your dietician and try to eat proteins from chickpeas, lentils and green peas. These are really soft for your indigestion.

Get well.

Ummijan in reply to Patricia2015

Thanks. I'm not sure what l heppen to come but I hope it sorts out. Once I can get a colonscopy then we'll have a better idea what's going on hopefully. And I really want to get well again as I'm itching for another baby so much lol

Patricia2015 in reply to Ummijan

Make sure they also take biopts when they do a colonoscopy so that they can see your intestinal wall microscopically.

I hope they will find out soon with you so that you can have another baby!

Ummijan in reply to Patricia2015

Thanks. I'll try, they're being very difficult with me. Saying I've not got enough of the ibd signs even though I've had these for years. It's only now that my mense has stopped that they're taking me seriously, they still don't believe about the pain cos my tummy is soft even though it hurts. My hemaglobins are within piramiters but I have inflamitory markers are high. Low on vits and hormones a little out of whack. I'm very careful with my diet as I know my lifestyle can affect my vit levels especially my vit d and I can get a little enimic so I have a high green diet and low carbs and fat. I have been carefully eating about 1000-1500 cals per day for over a yr and not lost weight. Then as soon as I stopped with gluten I sated to loose weight then since just last weekend (when anything I eat is painful even water) I've lost nearly 5kg. That combined with passing out, mood swings, and a long list of other small stuff (blurred vision spots, tics, memory loss, no menses, headaches and migrains etc) has made getting tested very tricky. Up until one nurse took the same blood test for the third time and asked me about all my symptoms together did anyone start to take note of my health. Crazy a nurse found a connection but not the dr I'd been going to for yrs about this. Lol. But hopefully we can get things sorted and I can get healthy again for my family.

Patricia2015 in reply to Ummijan

What a struggle, poor you!

But stopping with gluten is a good thing in your case. I stopped too because my intestines couldn't handle it.

It sounds very strange that your menses has stopped in relation to a possible IBD. I think there might be an autoimmune problem that affects multiple organs. You should check that out as well. Find a good rheumy for that.

I have an autoimmune disease but they don't know which one and they are looking for 6 years now and I am getting weaker and weaker.

Remember you are your own advocate. If you feel something is wrong something is.

Pleaae keep us posted and keep in there.

It sounds as if you need to get this checked out and get a colonoscopy done make sure they take samples, when I had the tests they found out I had colitis. Just keep pushing. Best of luck.

Ummijan in reply to elwins

Thanks. I'll keep pushing. My hubs said to visit Dr's every couple days until they test me. Alas sometimes making a nusense of oneself is how to get tested propperly.

I'll get sorted sinehow. If I could afford private I would but way out of our price range.

Cylarreta in reply to Ummijan

I found that drinking a couple of ounces of aloe vera juice a few times a day helps, but not too much. Also, maybe some chicken broth. If the symptoms get really bad steroids are an option.

Ummijan in reply to Cylarreta

Thanks. At the minute I'm having one glass of home made smoothie each day, drinking tiny bits every hour or so. To try not to trigger pains but still give me nutrients if only a little bit. It's better then nothing but I'm just craving steaks and peas lol. I'll try getting some aloe when I get paid :)

Cylarreta in reply to Cylarreta

Yes, aloe is very helpful, as well. My eye doc said that if I need steroids again, I need to see him to get eye drops. I'm trying to avoid them. I really struggle with my diet. I'm glad you find aloe helpful.

I have upper GI crohn's and had lots of problems with pain/nausea/vomiting and loose stool after eating. Lost a lot of weight and had iron deficiency anaemia.

I was put on liquid only diet initially (under hospital dietician team)...but you can buy stuff like Ensure/complain drinks/soups in supermarkets/pharmacies...these are generally nutritionally complete so would be good/gentle way to get nutrition. Or you could ask your GP for some fortisips/fortijuices to try while waiting for inx.

Ummijan in reply to SECBristol

Thanks for the share. I'm doing what I can. I'm kinda hungry all the time but not eating much. Lots of water and dates and light smoothies lol. Which is kinda boring but I don't mind persay.

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