Elemental diet anyone?

Hi all,

I couldn't find anything about this posted previously (but then I'm not sure if my search is working properly!!) So apologies if there's any repeat.

So I've had crohns 17 years. I'm not the worlds greatest advocate of long term pharmaceuticals, it has to be said.

I was on azathioprine for couple of years (had a bowel obstruction, plus horrid side effects), mesalazine didn't do anything. Steroids put me in remission after bad bouts, but we all know they're poison. Then been on low-dose naltrexone for 7 years which has been going good but starting to flare again. I'm desperate not to go back on immunosuppressants, which is what I've been touted at every step. So I've been investigating. And came up with the elemental diet. It was mentioned to me back in the early days, but NO medic has even so much as waved it under my nose as an option since then. Even though it has superb remission rates, as effective as corticosteroids, more effective than aza. It's not even a cost thing, as apparently it's pretty cost-effective.

It takes dietician supervision & good patient compliance, but the way I feel right now, reckon I could hack it!!! (Hysterical laughter!!)

Has anyone had any experience at all with this, if so I'd be so grateful to hear from you.


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  • Hi, I haven't tried that diet but I don't eat gluten, very little dairy as in a little butter. I have almond milk. I eat fresh food, no processed. I've tried Azathropine (evil stuff) I've got Humira but not started it yet due to having an abcess. I'm trying these meds because at least I can say I tried but if they make me too ill then I won't take them anymore. I'm hoping the Humira works!! I have to be positive. If you have a look on the healthy eating forum maybe someone on there may have more info on the diet your looking into!! It's worth a try. 😁👍

  • Bless you Angep;)

    I hope it works for you, I really do, everyone has to have something to have faith in! Fingers crossed for you.

    This is more of a specific diet for crohns after the 2/3 weeks of predigested drinks you go onto introducing foods slowly so not sure if healthy eating is the place, it was more to see if anyone had tried it to put themselves in remission.

    But thank you & best of luck xxx

  • There dosnt seem to be many people in here nowadays to get much feed back but there is a site called our lives with Crohn's. Search for it on Instagram. Ask on there, it's a very active site and I'm sure you'll get some feedback on there. Good luck to you too and Thankyou xxx

  • I haven't tried the elemental diet, but the fact that you wrote "It takes dietician supervision & good patient compliance" is in its favor. I consulted a renal nutritionist shortly after I was diagnosed, and found it very helpful.

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