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Any ideas

Hi looking for any help or ideas whilst I wait for the hospital referral. I have and am treated for lupus however I have stomach problems aswell. They are not all the time but when they come they are horrendous. I will have bad diarrhoea for days. When I eat I bloat within minutes, get stomach cramps and diarrhoea often before I've finished the meal followed by loud gurgling. I've had the test for coeliac and it's not that and it isn't specific to one type of food it's just any food in general. My rheumatologist says it may be crohns but I need the gastro to look at me. Anybody with similar issues ?

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Neiluk -- Is your intake of fluids restricted because of the lupus? As I recall, that was the case with someone I knew who had lupus. If so, that might contribute to, but not cause your stomach problems. The gastro will find answers for you.


Hi, unfortunately having 1 autoimmune disorder makes it more likely for you to have another. I agree with your Rheumatologist that symptoms do very much sound like a Crohns flare up.

Have you noticed mucus or blood in your stools, and have you lost weight? Also are your bloods showing raised inflammatory markers - although I understand with lupus they can be raised too

Your rheumatologist could do you a form so you could send a faecal calprotectin. this stool sample looks at inflammation specific to the bowel and helps determine a diagnosis. It would be useful if this could be done before seeing Gastro as its is likely they will suggest thistest. As it could take a couple of weeks for results it saves you waiting in pain a bit longer for a diagnosis.

Good luck and please keep in touch and let me know how you get on x


I bleed quite badly but this is fresh blood and I suffer badly with piles. Sometimes there's a bit of mucus but not much. My inflammation levels fluctuate but I change my meds to counteract them and my weight is a hard one. It fluctuates without diet but is hard due to the steroids. I eat a highish fat and sugar diet to maintain my current weight (still get my fruit and veg intake aswell) x


try a few days on a low residue diet white rice/bread, potato, white fish chicken etc. its bland and boring but it is very low in fibre and will rest your bowels and may reduce diarrhoea and pain a little.

I have Crohn's and I find high fat foods give me grief, but we are all different and with IBD there is no set rule to which foods make it worse


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