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Virtual colonoaspy

Well went to hospital today, thought my virtual colonoscopy would have shown all my problems, however still tummy pains and reoccurring diarrhoea. I know I have diverticulier pouches. However it didn't show what was happening in the bowel wall or lining, so got to have a colonoaspy and biopsies on 3.2 2017.

Have a great day everyone!


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Tea123 -- I'm sorry the first procedure didn't yield enough information, but glad you have you have more thorough tests scheduled for March.


Thank you. Dreading it though. Tea123 😊


Just better to have one done, better to find out what is causing the problems then you can sort it out, I found out I had colitis and that wheat and corn cause me problems. When you have had it done you can then keep a food diary to see which foods trigger a attack. Best of luck

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Thank you. Happy New Year to you. X

Tea123 😊


Hi, I agree with JayKay, better to have the procedure done again and look at your diet as that is what I have done and will continuing doing it until I find out exactly what foods trigger my pain.

Best of luck


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